3st National Congress Termalismo

Congreso de Termalismo en Santa Rosa de Cabal

"There is no evil that lasts a hundred years and no body that resists", goes the popular adage that today becomes effective with this great event.

After much insistence I could taste with satisfaction the realization of 3st National Congress Termalismo.

European medical hydrology specialists Thermal exposed on the importance to human health of natural mineral waters and mineral.

further, We got lights on the difference between treated water or prepared, as they call it and water from underground sources, rich in trace elements and electrolytes, among other advantages and differences that should know the whole world for a better standard of living.

The scenario could not be other than the capital of the Colombian Hydrotherapy: Santa Rosa de Cabal – Risaralda – Eje Cafetero, Colombia.  

The doctor. Francisco Maraver, Dean of the Faculty of Medical Hydrology at the Complutense University of Madrid and co-author of the book 'The Natural Mineral Water in Childhood- It has been one of the most quoted personalities throughout my writings and television.

The, He addressed the great importance of mineral water natural for mothers in pregnancy, Women lactating and growing children.

Maraver made a masterly exposition and warned that in Europe 95%  bottled water consumed is natural mineral although not all are mineromedicinales.

For more than two decades I have been talking to people wherever they go, on results obtained with hydropinic priests and crenoterapia.

By contrast my experiences with several speakers I could confirm that we have made progress here that are still new to European specialists, It made me full of joy.

I still say to those who have believed in my work thanks for the recognition they gave me that if it is true I have never sought, the fact remains that I receive with love but also with humility.

A big surprise for me

I did not expect even though some people always had applied for the truth was not even in my imagination such a surprise.

I also thank the officials of the Chamber of Commerce of Santa Rosa de Cabal, who always claim them when they do not see taking Natural Mineral Water San Vicente, because I know and I am sure the myriad benefits of this water intake provides human health.

“You have your food be your medicine and your medicine your food” hippocrates, father of medicine.

Lisbo Justo Serna B.
San Vicente Thermal Reserve

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