While increasing medical consultations for depression and stress at global and national level, in San Vicente Thermal Reserve – Santa Rosa de Cabal – Colombia continue to show positive effects on health these changes from one day.

It would be very useful to health professionals who are not dependent companies providing the same and are specialized in psychiatry and / or psychology, try in their own agencies or relatives or close friends the positive effects achieved in Thermal Reserve from day, just enjoying the best thermal crenoterapia banquet based on admission natural Turkish baths in mother liquor and alkaline pH obvious highly water bicarbonates.

It is every day more interest and great satisfaction, see the result of my study and the desire to utilize cognitive empathy to seek by all means new paradigms that allow humans recover lost or reduced welfare, without collateral damage and, the best, fully enjoying themselves in a natural paradise of abundant widely proven benefits for health and well being.

The single contamination kills, it generates impaired brain amygdala alert signal and certainly through this alert, Most it occurs cortisol if it is true it is indispensable in difficult moments of fright or emergency, but the fact remains that prolonged stress and thus cortisol production becomes a lethal weapon for the human body.

Dilating the nerve roots that are collected when we suffer difficulties of any kind, It is a gain of the highest ratios for normal functioning central nervous system, it is precisely one of the positive results when we entered the steam boxes in mother liquor with alkaline pH.

These natural Turkish bath in their own geyser or thermal upwelling, It allows us in terms of time extremely short release of the nervous system and therefore releasing toxins and especially eliminating catabolites that is uric acid, urea and chlorine among other substances.

Maximum satisfaction is being able to access information from the seaside and climatic priests who pray or applied since ancient times, while in our country it is still lacking knowledge about them by the greatest number of compatriots.


Lisbo Justo Serna B.


San Vicente Thermal Reserve

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