Posted by | 7 November, 2017
Accompanied Termalismo of the Climatology, a banquet of Health and Life

It feels great pleasure when based on social responsibility and after more than two decades to implement it with the revegetation of more than 138 hectares...

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Posted by | 21 October, 2017
Thermal cures in respiratory conditions - Part 2

According to the innumerable tests that I have managed to get over the longer 23 my years of study and verification of results, course following the guidance of the Spanish professor Josefina ...

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Posted by | 14 October, 2017
Thermal cures in respiratory conditions - Part 1

Respiratory conditions severely affect human health and how the health of children and older adults, why they are so important thermal treatments ...

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Posted by | 7 October, 2017
Hydrothermal Treatment in Adults and Elderly – 3ª Parte

Adults are most suffer from rheumatic diseases, treatment with hot springs and has a predominant indication, in these cases, it is not necessary that the waters have ...

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Posted by | 2 October, 2017
Hydrothermal Treatment in Adults and Elderly – 2ª Parte

It produces very sad to see so many adults and seniors, suffering all kinds of health disorders and worst, knowing that there are means tested properly supports extensive scientific ...

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Posted by | 21 September, 2017
Hydrothermal Treatment in Adults and the Elderly - Part 1

How to restore health to the elderly without collateral damage?, This was the title of my lecture at the 41 Congress Cures Cuntis Pontevedra - Province ...

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Posted by | 16 September, 2017
Affections thermal treatments in Lumbar - Part 2

It would be useful to professionals in kinesiology be documented on the importance of carrying out therapies with their blessed hands will give patients affected ...

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Posted by | 9 September, 2017
Thermal cures in Lumbar Conditions - Part 1

Referring to thermal treatments in Lumbar Conditions, I started thinking about the outrages that we see every day in terms of the attention of users ...

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Posted by | 2 September, 2017
Thermal cures and Environmental Cancer - Part 4

Known thermal treatments and cures Environmental Cancer. Just patented a treatment for cancer that strikes me because they make a similar offer to that ...

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Posted by | 26 August, 2017
Thermal and Environmental Cures Cancer - Part 3

On the Thermal and Environmental Cancer Cures, I want to share in the previous column gave an example of a landfill in order to draw attention ...

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