Through wisdom, knowledge and research of our founder, we offer several items that allow you to expand your picture of all the benefits that nature provides us through the mineral hot springs of San Vicente Thermal Reserve, with springs immersed in the humid cloud forest covered mountains of the Andes where we are located.

Posted by Communications assistant | 24 May, 2019 | HEALTH
emotional support for patients early childhood

Joyfully celebrate the fact that there are new paradigms aimed at generating positive changes in early childhood patients who are hospitalized. Es un avance significativo el probar otros medios quizá más efectivos que pueden rendir mejores...

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Posted by Communications assistant | 11 May, 2019 | HEALTH
The first Nutritional Recovery Center will be in Risaralda

It is time for the authorities to observe the nutritional grade Natural Mineral Water mineromedicinal San Vicente Thermal Reserve. Las instituciones que tienen a su cargo velar por la salud de la población y en especial por la...

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Posted by Communications assistant | 3 May, 2019 | HEALTH, TERMALISMO
Departmental Health Secretariat Cry out for Emotional First Aid

"The more I know the more I love my dog ​​man" popular saying goes. As more mental health outcomes I see, with their respective testing and demonstration in San Vicente Thermal Reserve, more useful to humanity I consider,...

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Posted by San Vicente Thermal Reserve | 16 February, 2019 | HEALTH
Thermal cures in Psoriasis

Observe the high number of patients with psoriasis, round figure 125 million people worldwide, It raises concerns given the negative effect on the psyche and physical damage that brings this complex disease for whom ...

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Posted by San Vicente Thermal Reserve | 2 February, 2019 | WELLNESS
Hydrotherapy and cures Mountain, Perfect Marriage

It is precisamentelo featuring San Vicente Thermal Reserve in Santa Rosa de Cabal - Risaralda - Colombia, with the perfect marriage between the abundant hot springs and lush mountains, owners of a beautiful rain forest fog, powered by countless sources ...

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San Vicente espectacular
Posted by San Vicente Thermal Reserve | 3 January, 2019 | Blog
The Year 2018

During the year 2018 we have achieved optimal levels of welfare and ostensible improvements through verified and duly proven thermal cures and mountain. If today we had told someone committed to take part ...

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Tratamiento de enfermedades genéticas y huérfanas
Posted by San Vicente Thermal Reserve | 3 January, 2019 | HEALTH
Prevention of Genetic Diseases and Orphan

Various studies show that DNA depression and stress, They are determining factors for developing diseases that are dormant in many people. This was unveiled at the important Congress of Genetics timely performed Comfamiliar Risaralda. With...

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Cascada en San Vicente Reserva Termal
Posted by San Vicente Thermal Reserve | 13 December, 2018 | WELLNESS
Stress and depression kill

Pathologies that affect the mind and spirit eventually impair the physical state of people. St. Vincent Thermal Reserve - Santa Rosa de Cabal - Risaralda -Colombia, reduce the damage from a day. Try it!...

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Termas medicinales
Posted by San Vicente Thermal Reserve | 7 December, 2018 | WELLNESS
thermal and mountain cures, a need for the world's population

There is a place with a set of natural elements that allow the human being rediscover himself, absent from the madding crowd, of pollution. A place to relax, detoxified, enjoy refreshing aromas and rest your eyes on a ...

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Congreso de Termalismo en Santa Rosa de Cabal
Posted by San Vicente Thermal Reserve | 7 December, 2018 | TERMALISMO
3st National Congress Termalismo

"There is no evil that lasts a hundred years and no body that resists", goes the popular adage that today becomes effective with this great event. After much insistence I could taste with satisfaction the completion of the 3rd National Congress of Termalismo ....

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