Through wisdom, knowledge and research of our founder, we offer several items that allow you to expand your picture of all the benefits that nature provides us through the mineral hot springs of San Vicente Thermal Reserve, with springs immersed in the humid cloud forest covered mountains of the Andes where we are located.

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I have spent several years sharing the advantages that our Natural Mineral Water San Vicente found from child malnutrition provides. Its active components, duly verified as calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, bicarbonates, sulfates, phosphates, among others, are nutrients that make up ...

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Posted by Communications assistant | 16 July, 2020 | WELLNESS, HEALTH, TERMALISMO

To what extent the coronavirus became a mental health problem for the population. After the damage caused by the pandemic, which can be seen represented in the large number of patients that triggered a great loss of ...

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Posted by Communications assistant | 18 June, 2020 | WELLNESS, HEALTH, TERMALISMO
Coronavirus solutions.

"Imagination is half the disease, tranquility is half the remedy and patience is the beginning of the cure".   Coronavirus solutions. Before talking about solutions for coronavirus, we will talk...

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Posted by Communications assistant | 25 January, 2020 | TERMALISMO
Dissemination of hot springs

The science of balneology was born in 377 a.C. when Hippocrates, father of medicine, thermal cures instituted at the Baths of Caracalla in Rome. By the time tended to 3.000 people day in various areas ...

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According to regulations for the operation of parks (Law 1225 from 2008 and resolutions 0958 from 2010, 543 of the 2017 Y 880 from 2017 of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism) Law 1209 from 2008 and concordant ...

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Posted by Communications assistant | 13 July, 2019 | TERMALISMO

While increasing medical consultations for depression and stress at global and national level, in St. Vincent Thermal Reserve - Santa Rosa de Cabal - Colombia continue to show positive effects on health these changes from one day ....

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Posted by Communications assistant | 6 July, 2019 | WELLNESS, TERMALISMO
Thermalism Science or Medical Hydrology Thermal

To refer to the Greeks and Romans, It is simply finding a history of health and wellness through the hot springs, which is still in force and will not stop, Thanks to science Thermalism or Medical Hydrology Thermal ....

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Posted by Communications assistant | 8 June, 2019 | WELLNESS

While thousands of hectares of forest are deforested in Colombia before the blind eye of authorities of all kinds, tearing their clothes are still talking about climate change and environmental pollution that leaves question is the deal ...

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Posted by Communications assistant | 31 May, 2019 | WELLNESS, TERMALISMO
While most polluted rivers, more need to take advantage of the hot springs

The news of the moment is pollution 72 rivers in the world 14 antibiotics, outside the other pollutant loading widely known, therefore the more contaminated rivers, more need to take advantage of water is generated ...

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Posted by Communications assistant | 24 May, 2019 | HEALTH
emotional support for patients early childhood

Joyfully celebrate the fact that there are new paradigms aimed at generating positive changes in early childhood patients who are hospitalized. It is perhaps significant breakthrough proving most effective means other can yield better ...

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