While thousands of hectares of forest are deforested in Colombia before the blind eye of authorities of all kinds, tearing their clothes are still talking about climate change and environmental pollution that question leaves much fuss disaster is increased without pause or truce amid the commemoration of Environment Day.

Conservation and environmental protection and is based life support, reason for that San Vicente Thermal Reserve every day we are more than happy to show and share with the world a factory of water and oxygen in a very complete ecosystem.

Every day visitors who have the privilege to reach the Thermal Reserve at its finest enjoy the feast of health and wellness that there are, in this corner hidden among the mountains of the Cordillera Central, amid fog rainforest, the silence, serenity and tranquility allow visitors to listen likewise, meet again with me, disconnect from the deafening noise and pollution of towns and cities, at the same time enjoy a real break never before imagined.

The sounds of the river, of the birds, waterfalls and distinguished steam from hot water that flows spontaneously between ground barks, where the temperature and nutrients from the rocks themselves is obtained, They give the human being the ideal means of preventing and recovering the lost welfare, as pleasure and joy transport it into your being and isolate mental and brain damage, as they say the same tourists: unintentionally.


Visitors on their happy faces hint at what, Also in his remarks with thanks and with severe overt enthusiasm in their cheerful and friendly get-togethers that make family or friends where they share stories, the pilatunas that were once enjoyed and remembered while severe smiles become laughter.

further, the place seems a photography studio where everyone takes individual photos or family, to share them immediately to their absent loved ones and antojarlos coming to enjoy the feast unimaginable health and wellness.

common and everyday phrases that are heard: this is the life I deserve, this is life, This is not life is a vidodonón; Try it and you are also a beneficiary of this gift of Divine Providence through Mother Nature, cared for and respected as the basis of life.

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