"As natural as water"

The novel cosmetic thermal line S. by San Vicente, is a response to the needs of health and wellness naturally for skin care, taking advantage of an ancient technique with thermal water gives the body the benefits of mineral salts and trace elements, from which the water has soaked for hundreds of years during their underground circulation through the different layers of the earth; this vital liquid natural composition is the key ingredient of our dermocosmetics.

We combine cosmetic dermatology with, in order to obtain a product to maintain health and beauty skin with continued use.

Ideal to exfoliate, renovate, moisturize and refresh the skin taking advantage of the benefits of minerals and trace elements that nature gives us through the thermal mud.


It provides minerals and trace elements necessary for the skin
Reduces irritation, improves skin appearance
It provides softness and smoothness to the skin
Regenerates tissues damaged by its exfoliating action that cleanses skin, oxigenándola and releasing toxins
action-inflammatory and soothing
Closed pores
Strengthen the protective barrier of the skin
Feeling smooth and immediate hydration
hydration 72 hours
Improving various skin conditions like acne

Use Form

This mask allows exfoliate the skin naturally.
Apply a thin layer avoiding the eye area and lips
Leave on 10 a 15 minutes with warm water removal
Preservatives free
Enriched with natural active ingredients: collagen extract (elasticity and youthfulness of the skin), aloe vera extract (Cell regenerator, antinflamatorio), Pentavitin (hydration 72 hours).
It is recommended 2 O 3 times a week for best results
It should be stored in cool, dry place, where it is not exposed to light

San Vicente thermal water, It is extracted from one of the most important thermal springs in the country, It has a unique composition of minerals in the world, making it ideal for hydrating, soften and refresh the skin several times a day. Its high concentration of minerals and trace elements give important aesthetic properties.

Shake before use and spray on the skin 15 cm distance approximately, Leave on one second before drying. It is recommended at least once a day for best results.


Is unique in the world
It is moisturizing, refreshing and soothing, which makes antiaging

Thermal water can be used at any time of the day in the face and entire body

We have 2 presentations 150 ml y 90 ml.

The presentation Spray is ideal for micropulverizar water and quickly penetrate into the pores.

The gas used is safe and approved by the Invima

It can also be used as a fixative makeup, after sun exposure, waxing and shaving.

It is enriched with vitamin B3 which improves the appearance of skin as it maintains its hydration, strengthens the protective barrier of the skin that stimulates the production of keratinocytes, diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and improving skin elasticity and increases collagen production to a 54% from the fourth week, improves skin tone and reduces the spots up 25% from the eighth week and reduces acne up 60% from the eighth week because it inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Some of the minerals contained in our dermocosmetics are:


It provides an energizing effect and contributes to the inhibition of inflammatory processes.


It maintains the barrier effect of the skin and provides moisture. Application topically helps reduce the aging process of the skin and the negative effects of exposure to UV.


Silicon helps keep skin elastic and young, and good joint health, hair and nails.


It helps control water balance of the skin.


It is known for its antiseptic action on the skin.


Provides soothing, although it is slowly absorbed.


Help some skin conditions.

Raw materials used:

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