Hydrothermal Treatment in Adults and the Elderly - Part 1

How to restore health to the elderly without collateral damage?, This was the title of my lecture at the 41 Congress Cures Cuntis Pontevedra - Province of Galicia in Spain.

In our country it is common to hear adults say they do not drink water, what you do not like, also that X amount of drugs taken, when asked about the results, It is almost unanimous response: every day I'm worse, I calm a little or more and increase my dose. Similarly permanent complaint of evil condor: pain here, pain there, and so on especially older adults suffer from numerous ailments that are not good for anyone receipt.

There are cases of health professionals who leave daring than recommended by vademécum, recommending patients to vote all drugs and take stock of what the reaction, there is established an analysis, and deduct my dear readers draw their own conclusions.

The human body needs to maintain a 70% of their body weight in water, course with good nutrients, Only natural mineral waters are contributed when such waters are taken, there is a new ad that says the water dehydrates bag, not only for being packaged in bag, but nobody gives what has.

Any treated water is ideal for dissolving, drive, bathing or washing, they lack minerals, even aggregates as in some cases.

Lack of knowledge, and culture, generate a fairly serious limitation that ends suffering considerable damage.

Hydrothermal Treatment in Adults and Elderly

The day we achieve, even if with difficulty, start our parents and grandparents take natural mineral water, no label but there is also enough certified as such, that day will start the route indicated to give quality of life to seniors who both deserve it and that today do not enjoy quality of life, on the contrary mostly they are suffering from serious health disorders that limit them in their daily living.

The crenotherapy It is an excellent way to increase life to years and not years to life, why my insistence on bringing science to Colombia Hydrotherapy, we have an immense wealth in irrigated hot springs in almost all the national territory, Hydrotherapy science exists and every day becomes more important globally in terms of health concerns.

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