Thermal cures in Kidney Disorders – 5ª Parte

We go about the task of culturizar Colombians regarding Hydrotherapy – Medical Hydrology Thermal.

For more than two decades I have maintained my constant complaint about the apathy of government and health authorities of the country, against an issue of such importance and significance for Colombians in general in terms of health concerns, and certainly for all inhabitants of planet Earth as far know and take advantage of the health spa options.

Talk of Hydrotherapy (Thermal medical hydrology), It is to refer to the science that is based on leveraging the mineral hot springs topical (Contact) and use hidropínico (intake) of mineral natural mineral water, apart from generating the most noticeable changes and regulation in the organic operation does not generate collateral damage, as it is properly supported and proven by thousands of researchers who for millennia have dedicated the best stage of life known their mineral content and the needs of the same in humans and then practice the use and exploitation of this important resource and ferrule to verify positive results duly certified by WHO, PAHO and ministries of health in developed countries.

There is an aphorism that there is no evil that lasts a hundred years and no body that resists, although we already had over a hundred years, whenever from the misnamed conquest more than 200 years can count the delay in implementation in the country of important science.

The bill 219 development and control of thermal waters and enhancing thermal cures that remained sleeping the "dreams of the righteous" over 2 years, He was resubmitted with a favorable presentation of Senator Andrés García Sucardi; the project presented by Senator Aníbal Marcos Avirama Avirama today Senator of the Republic by the indigenous sector, who since he was Deputy for the Cauca, made every effort to ensure that indigenous governors occassionally the invitation through you I made when I brought the 17th World Day of Termalismo year in April 2001 and then when I managed to bring the International Course in November Termalismo 2001 until July of the year 2002.

Pleasant remembrance course by specialists who came to enlighten us on the subject, but thankless recall because the SENA responsible for the financial support of the second module that I had to pay my own money, But while this project will be Law of the Republic it has good spirits and better with new players such as managers and Hot Springs Fall Ruiz, Rodrigo Jordan and Carlos Zapata respectively, In addition to the great interest of some of the owners Termales Santa Rosa and Luisa Cambas, Juan Carlos Arbelaez her husband and manager Marisela Lopez Largo, In addition to Santa Rosa Councilman Rodrigo Toro who with great interest in the further development of the economy and welfare and good contacts santarrosanos, made specific meetings with Senator Avirama, with Senator García Sucardi rapporteur of the project and other Senators who were willing they have positively participate in this noble task of resolving the concerns we raised them to improve the Law, but he also got the 27 Y 28 July the Sixth Committee of the Senate conduct a public hearing in Santa Rosa de Cabal and Manizales on this important step forward in Colombia and how to these cities, should be noted that the draft we appear Paipa and San Vicente Thermal onset of therapeutic management, not only in kidney disease in which I come showing wonderful results with the intake of natural mineral water Thermal Reserve San Vicente regulation of creatinine and potassium, but most removal results I posted, In addition to multiple and various health disorders.

Thank you Senator Avirama, who also showed honesty when he publicly said the project had my input; Attorney assistant and he personally came to collect information included in such an important bill for Colombians and especially the coffee, but not as traveled to several countries where there confirmed that all scientific support, we Termalismo Act and with it greater government commitment, hope is generating greater understanding of compatriots on such an opportunity for health. You have your food be your medicine and your medicine your food. President CTH, Colombian Association of Hydrothermal Techniques, First Vice President SITH, International Society of Hydrothermal Techniques, M, OMTH, World Organization Termalismo, director ALAH, Latin American Association of Termalismo.

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