Thermal cures in Nutritional Status Changes 2

Every week when I refer to these health issues of interest to both humanity, I am able to prove to the patient's world and the scientific world with control groups when they deem it appropriate in the most different health disorders without collateral damage, effective means how they are mineral hot springs.

All thanks to the experience of over two decades of study and verification of results, Nevertheless, no meeting on health authorities and the media's positive response to reach out with timely and accurate information to the public, I can only assume it widely known, the base metal is above any need and consideration.

It is not because of something so common: is simply the health of humanity is becoming increasingly violated, but instead we found all media clinging to the carrion, They informed when it comes news that just hurt so be certain and severe. Facts that nothing is wise to inform without hiding the unthankful events that may not be covered, to hide, for example look like Santa Rosa de Cabal became famous with Councilman, while for the results every week I show health, not even take into account they not even for hard facts which are to show the world.

Take, for example going to happen with the case of Mr. Health Minister Alejandro Gaviria, who have cancer and am able to show results only with the Natural Mineral Water intake Thermal Reserve San Vicente Y, if he accepts to come deep into the reserve, the results will be more effective. Could it be that a media outlet of which have direct line appears to let you know the offer?, we will see.

Such that facts and cases like that can prove and demonstrate improvement on health and recovery were so common and many people in the world were offering; I'm sure, absolutely sure, no two people in the world doing this kind of deals, and inviting witnesses to track groups for security and peace of the millions of patients who now wander around looking for an alternative to return them to life expectancy.

Natural mineral water 27 nutrients

find gathered (27) organic nutrients, ionic, living deep source and immediate absorption, they have not dreamed in the millennia of years since human life, the fact that it is a mortal unawares which have found, does not diminish the importance, Conversely, It should be promoted in every media as news, and for each health authority.

"Make your food be your medicine and your medicine your food", Hippocrates father of medicine.

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