Thermal cures, Mountain and hydropinic cancer – 2ª parte


report 33 thousand cancer deaths in Colombia, why many organizations with noble purpose of helping people diagnosed with cancer are known, surely is one of the health disorders that generates more stress and depression the patient what causes greater progression of damage. Hence the importance of thermal cures in Cancer.

There are plenty of treatments and interventions all aimed at solving the affected patients, a faith that in a few cases the goal is achieved, however it sidesteps the attack origin, the cause that leads to this health damage that is too common.

It is known for sure that the human body does not tolerate a tenth of acidity, This is demonstrated by serious studies reflected in the book Physiology: health and sickness, that from one-tenth of acidity every one of the body's biological processes undergo alterations that lead to the appearance of damage to health such as cancer.

There are countless patients who have removed the affected parties, but the source remains intact, because it is based on acidity it is not considered in their legitimate share.

He 18 of October 2015 I put the knowledge of mankind and Colombians a tender offer for people affected by cancer who were not in state terminal, to bring medical history and interned during 21 days in the San Vicente Thermal Reserve with the commitment that if you do not find positive results would not pay a single penny.

Many were calls expressing interest given away that opportunity, I'm sure in the history of medical science and not the fact another person or institution, however no one came; this offer can be found online in the blog on our site, as in the Journal of Otún by that date still my columns published.

Complement to thermal treatments in Cancer

Thermal Reserve in San Vicente we have clean air, an enemy in the formation of cancer cells and their reproduction, steam bath in mother liquor with alkaline pH which allows a massive detoxification through sweating, intake of thermal spring water medicinal source containing bicarbonates sufficient to neutralize the acidity of the internal environment, the addition of potassium sodium calcium combined to elevate alkalization, and sulfates that inactivate germs, Virus and bacteria.

Living as a nutritional supplement nutrients give greater ability to defend the body, therefore the intake of water referred to the mucosa of the intestinal epithelium is strengthened, giving the immune system the ideal medium for strengthening and permanence in their appropriate level, plus the trillions of beneficial bacteria that live and are held precisely in the intestinal flora will have the best conditions of effectiveness.



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