Thermal cures, Mountain and hydropinic cancer – 3ª parte


Mosen one of my previous columns gave an example of a landfill in order to draw the attention of just how immediately the proliferation of pests that live on carrion, now I will return to refer to the thermal cures, mountain and hydropinic cancer.

Taking him in this condition we can turn to another example: if the abundant pests fumigate a strong pesticide, will be dead in an hour every existing there rodents and insects, but how many hours it would take to reach as much to enjoy the new feast, Is the food that was built with the bodies of the moment?

Well no different thing happens when we turn to widely known means eliminate cancer cells, it is quite possible that we succeed in eliminating them, but what about the good cells that they are attacked without discrimination, therefore also they suffer death.

That follows, any small particles that remain affected cell may be reproduced quickly because there is no means of defense, But there is another more serious situation, while you do not fight the acidity of the internal environment will have no option to free reproduction of cancer cells.

It is very pleasant to tell a patient suffering from cancer, that with the intake of Natural Mineral Water mineromedicinal San Vicente ensures the reduction of acidity and thus the alkalizing of the internal environment.

This is the base required to reduce the reproduction of said cells and, of course, generating an effective washing of the circulatory system avoiding collateral damage as widely known.

You have your food be your medicine and your medicine your food, Hippocrates father of medicine.

Lisbo Justo Serna B.
San Vicente Thermal Reserve

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