Thermal cures depression and chronic stress

Let us pause in rhinitis to refer to an issue that currently affects more than 350 million people worldwide, depression and stress. As we wonder in our city and region suicides in young people, full of life and great future.

Unfortunately as the liberator Simon Bolivar said, it is easier to convince deliver five republics who refuses to accept suggestions, recommendations and in the present case, people by the mere fact of being literate or surnames abolengo, knowing that research is not just a matter of few, nor it is forbidden and in the case of Medical Hydrology Thermal although there is much scientific information, the fact remains that no two equal waters in the world and San Vicente Thermal Reserve we have a privilege sinigual in combination organoleptic and pH.

I have said and I repeat to understand when Colombians and especially Risaralda, Thermal Reserve in San Vicente in Santa Rosa de Cabal - Risaralda - Colombia – América, I am able to show results in depression and chronic stress from a day.

I'm just writing to the Minister of Health, Dr. Alejandro Gaviria, look for results in your lymphatic cancer, Similarly to check with how quickly we detoxification, oxygenation, dilating the nerve roots and especially reducing the acidity of the internal environment, Likewise, the release of nervous that multiple environmental reasons and daily living system is affected causing health damage.

I have nine communications sent, you have read eight; I did not know that he is an atheist, I told him that God! he wants to reward its management and great battle to achieve lower costs exaggerated many medicines that exceeded a 400% and even 700/%, has not responded, but it does and puts the interest that put in the battle to reduce high drug costs, million compatriots will benefit, can the scientific world and patient world realize that there are more effective means and without collateral damage to keep, prevent and recover health.

Authorities, eye with thermal cures depression and chronic stress

rulers, MPs, councilors, Congressmen and health authorities, They must know and help spread these new paradigms with which positive results are guaranteed; day executives and entrepreneurs who understand the message will be spokesmen good for humanity in health, there will be more deaths by suicide, there will be less loss of working days, fewer days of hospitalization, medical spending and invigorate the economy.

To enjoy better health will be increased production, and better consistency in the determination of those who have responsibility for the full and harmonious development of regions and paralysis and delayed works and other activities should urgently expedite be avoided.

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