Diabetes thermal treatments – 1a Party.

With a well-deserved recognition to El Diario Otún and especially those who know thoroughly and held 35 years the great contribution to the Risaralda, to gather in one newspaper columnists range that once was not possible to know with their valuable opinions, now united, shall be and be guarantors of a new and robust contribution to the community, Dr congratulations. Luis Carlos Ramirez and family, together if they can.

Often through this important means, I have published reports on mineral water treatments (intake) natural mineral water for diabetes, Nevertheless, revisit the issue is urgent, there are more patients with diabetes, impaired functioning of the pancreas is severe and its consequences worse.

Safely and authority I mean the health issue related to diabetes, it increases the number of blind patients, infarcted, affected your kidneys, and as much as amputees, I watch as often and as I share the same patients who after years of conventional treatment, They have not found the improvements they crave and demand; but if they see the damage progress.

However listening to my lectures, see the TV show and the great majority for more than (2) I read decades through the written medium, They call me or write me, committing to insist, persist and never give up permanently expressing an opinion on the subject in order to achieve in near time that health professionals and how the endocrinologists to track and see the results.

His commitment to users of health is commendable, but poor results, doctors responsible for ensuring patient comfort, They must suffer with him by failing to observe the hoped and expected improvement.

The day they start monitoring processes with the intake of natural mineral water Thermal Reserve San Vicente and verify the results without collateral damage, that day professionals in the world will want to have this medium to recommend to each and every one of the users of health.

Of course that gradually they add up the service, Thus there are already over 40 professionals have certainly been able to verify results and with all responsibility to their patients recommend their consumption, the intake of this liquid manna.

As they had in previous column, The doctor. Diego Guayara at the Clinic Relearn of Dosquebradas, prescribed intake of this water, plus fruits and vegetables, with very positive results as discussed their patients when they come to fetch water.

The weekend before a lady of Tulua - Valle, who suffers from diabetes and brought the glucometer, I showed the results public, He told me that there are several blind in his family, infarcted, renal failure and other amputees, not counting those who have died affected by diabetes, sugar in the blood.

Thermal testing results Curas

Simple, easy to test, sugar level is measured, half bottle is taken from Natural Mineral Water San Vicente each 5 O 6 minutes to complete two bottles, then half an hour back to measure and see the results, reducing the level of blood sugar, increasing energy, reducing sleep, la sed, increasing the desire to work and perform their tasks.

There are many cases in which I could prove it, Several have mentioned in this column, something else is that the syndrome of St. Thomas becomes effective because of so much deception.

Hard to believe, easy to test, So I dare to put the offer publicly.

Security and authority, give me the results and content of the waters, knowing the nutritional needs of the body, We can overcome the many deficiencies with the contributions of living minerals, organic, ionic, bioavailable immediately absorbed containing natural mineral water many times referred.

Magnesium, bicarbonates, sulfates and other minerals that the body needs for normal work, brings natural mineral water, and avoid diabetes and will reduce many health disorders.

"Make your food be your medicine and your medicine your food", Hippocrates father of medicine.

Presidente ACTH, First Vice President SITH, M, OMTH, Director Alah.

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