Thermal cures in conditions Prostate 2

The effects of the cures for diuresis, washing and drag are derived from greater removal hydrosaline, urea and uric acid, among others, as quoted by Manuel Armijo Valenzuela and Josefina San Martín Bacaicoa Thermal professors of Medical Hydrology at the Complutense University of Madrid.

Who by the way several years pensionaron, to Dr. Josefina I was fortunate to bring her to the 17th World Day of Termalismo year in April 2001.

In the chapter 31 Book The spa and climatic cures, page 409 and successive, Professor cite Cuvelier, who was professor of hydrology at the Faculty of Medicine of Clemont -Ferand and director of Urology and Nephrology clinical hospital of the center.

Certify there is achieved significant improvement in renal haemodynamics, by removing a water content more urine as a result of the new composition of the urine released facilitates cleaning work and drag urinary tract along its entire length, since the tubules to the collecting channels.

Increased urine flow facilitates cleaning of roads, the sudden increase in urinary excretion greatly increases the frequency of contractions ureteral, It is verifiable that, for 10 ml min, ureteral contractions reach values 12 a 15 per minute, when normally they do not exceed 3.

This mechanical action has an effect engine, which effectively contributes to the work of the priests expulsiva diuresis.

The change in the density of the urine pH removed, more difficult precipitation of substances in supersaturation and, Besides, They are much less irritating to the mucosal lining of the urinary tract.

The lower density of the urine and the pH deviation towards alkalinity, increases the solubility of uric acid and sistina.

On the other hand, if low mineral waters used, but essentially calcium magnesium in which the Ca / Mg ratio is small, increases the solubility of phosphates and oxalates may prevent stone formation.

A check thermal treatments in conditions Prostate


The experience gained over several years and with many patients suffering from prostate, and it has advanced the damage and obstructed the urethral tract limiting the urine elimination and thus fermentation itself by overheating, results retention in the absence of the removal means normal urine.

And I am sure that with conventional means there is no chance without collateral damage to experience such strong and rapid effects as those I can show and prove when they deem necessary.

"Make your food be your medicine and your medicine your food", Hippocrates father of medicine.

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