hydropinic and thermal cures in adults and elderly

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Talk is quite complex thermal and hydropinic cures in adults and elderly in a country where much of the authorities taken daily more distance and indifference to health needs, especially in the adult population and the elderly.

Nevertheless, is an urgent need that deserves the utmost care and responsibility, precisely those who have filed their population promising efforts aimed at finding new paradigms that will really contribute to the adult population and the elderly a better quality of life.

Just enough to know that the deterioration cognitive adult starts from the 45 years and each passing day goes on without pause or truce and bring much variety of green, serenity, the absence of noise, the tranquility, clean air, the isolation of the number of loads that tend to support adults and older adults, natural state who carry memories and these are the least pleasant but most damage to favor the psyches of parents and grandparents.

Elementary commitment is just come around and catch up with scientific advances that show us how the elements mentioned above, give this vulnerable population adequate conditions to live and not to live, to enjoy sufficient payment for having given the best of his life and strength to the family and society.

The welfare state, now called wellnes, the whole world is eagerly looking, It is achieved by having the optimal conditions for peace, clean air without using, Without music, nor intoxicants, without television or radio to avoid even for a few days to hear the tragic and frightening news that astonish us to be presented unscrupulous, regardless of the high levels of overall damage caused to the mind.

You need to know how the progression of cognitive loss is reduced in high proportions when taking this type of exploitations, as are the hot springs, that return to the vulnerable population pause with being fully as they deserve and demand, It is elemental commitment to the authorities who have budget for prevention and health promotion.

hydropinic and thermal cures in adults and elderly

In more than two decades of study and verification of results in each segment of the population, and having had the privilege of having the natural resources necessary, that after examining the reasons which provide the human body needs demand it, binding commitment is put at the service of humanity and in the present case of adults and seniors.

You have to tun food be your medicine and your medicine your food, Hippocrates father of medicine, Clean air is a super food and therefore a super medicine.

Lisbo Justo Serna B.
San Vicente Thermal Reserve

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