thermal treatments in conditions Column - Part 2


Many patients are now suffering alterations in its backbone, some have the opportunity to go to the specialist and the same do not have that option, we then speak of thermal cures on conditions column.

Reason why either remain with the column pain or otherwise in related areas with the same, whatever the form where pain occurs is quite serious for the person affected significantly by limiting their quality of life.

Unfortunately due to lack of interest of rulers and those who are committed to ensuring the quality of life of users of health, It wasted a great opportunity to give the patient new paradigms that allow them to obtain the desired improvements.

The crenotherapy or heat generated by the hot springs at their own upwelling, either transmitted to enter the water through sand or in the spine as we do in San Vicente Spa with sand therapy, produces a very effective effects on conditions column and obvious in any pain that is not caused by cancer.

Every day I feel more committed to humanity to see so many requests from people who have or are losing health at speeds exaggerated, much to hear and see each news related to the closure of clinics, imprisonment of managers of entities that sometime saw the pain of humanity, produced by changes in their welfare, a lucrative business and certainly were not wrong, There was the hive where it had plenty of honey, money to strengthen the business.

thermal treatments in conditions Column

Since 24 years, precisely we fulfill the last 8 October, when we arrived at the La Maria today Thermal Reserve San Vicente in Santa Rosa de Cabal – Risaralda – Colombia – South America, which it has been recognized by much of the world in wellness tourism and so it is visited daily by foreigners from different continents

I've been talking about crenoterapia in conditions Column, stretching immersion in water by thermal doublings wish to put the head in front of knees, having a guide to help you sustain, aid on the grounds that the burden of living minerals in the water when doing this exercise and go up the same water body.

While the authorities find response, We continue to share the acquired knowledge and of course the positive results.

You have your food be your medicine and your medicine your food, Hippocrates father of medicine.


Lisbo Justo Serna B.
San Vicente Thermal Reserve

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