Thermal cures for Alzheimer: Cognitive system

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Speaking of the cognitive system is to refer to the electrical system and joining each neuron cell body through body energy, not only must be at optimal levels but maintain uninterrupted raceways, so that each normal process of the body may occur over time, space and opportunity the organism demand.

The upper wires called axons and each dendrita as part of the electrical system neurotransmitters carry impulses, which they are the means of defense of the body where alerts are triggered when symptoms are present that are affecting the organic functioning and require immediate attention, the brain sends defenders to ten thousand thousandths of a second speed to defend the body from health disorders.
In the case at hand, when the substance called amyloid albeit traps toxic substance as mycotoxins is, It limits the electrical connection between neuron and neuron generating the initial damage widely known as Alzheimer ending with memory loss, control itself and thus the disconnection with the inner world.

When we read different papers based on research and supports that guide us about the origins of brain damage, known as the Alzheimer, and strengthened investigations and samples of reversals of evil embodied in the book: The end of Alzheimer, we conclude having been on the right track foretelling the great effects obtained with the intake of Natural Mineral Water San Vicente.

further, complementing entry into the steam in mother liquor with alkaline pH, natural Turkish bath in its own thermal water outcropping known as geyser found in San Vicente Thermal Reserve - Santa Rosa de Cabal - Eje Cafetero - Colombia.

Thermal cures for Alzheimer: Cognitive system

It is a privilege for humanity that we could investigate and support their effective effects, testing them in extremely short times in the recovery of the central nervous system that causes decay so severe damage to humanity and, how, adults and seniors.

This whole process so special and effective, accompanied by mountain priest represents the highest degree of opportunity for the vast population today is affected by this condition health, which with conventional treatments have not yet been able to verify any demonstrable improvement.

There are many clinics from receiving patients with Alzheimer's and although it is true they provide care and assistance, the fact remains that only further deterioration of the patient is daily.

It would be of great interest to those affected someone takes the time, to do measurements with a control group and can help you the number of patients affected and pass their mourners suffer alongside their relatives.

Lisbo Justo Serna B.
San Vicente Thermal Reserve

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