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He 18 October 2015 I wrote on our website and in The Journal, a column with a super offer for people affected by cancer who were not terminally ill, they can look as thermal cures cancer.

Talk of such a complex issue like cancer in the history of mankind has become the bogeyman of the science related to conventional medicine allopathic, it is for other bold but necessary.

Of course there are already many documents that support new paradigms that have yielded very positive results in this scourge that kills 8 million people a year worldwide and also that, according forecasts, For the year 2030 It will increase to 22 million deaths from this disease misnamed.

This server has been demonstrated positive results in cancer with single intake bicarbonatada water Thermal Reserve San Vicente, and indeed if the patient goes into Thermal Reserve where fresh air, where Turkish baths mother liquor with alkaline pH generate high detoxification process along with the intake of natural mineral water forming a trilogy in defense of the organism.

This is accomplished with the patient back the lost welfare, because the neutralization of the basic acid and alkalinization of the internal environment I repeat occur as permanently emphasizing, ensure the reduction of food with which the cancer cell lives, It reproduces and ends up killing the patient's life affected.

It is well supported and documented in many works available, to one tenth of acidity in the internal environment results in the variation of the biological processes of the organism kicking health disorders.

Seeking support to achieve Thermal and Environmental Cancer Cures


With safety authority and I have proposed to the Minister of Health have time to implement my recommendations, security that will see positive results.

Of course through him it will be public and consequently the result will be millions of patients benefit from the mineral water treatments or water intake so often referred, crenotherapy and the air like little unused, the average 4 thousand negative ions in the air are pure living coupled with income natural Turkish bath in water with an alkaline pH mothers representing approximately one organism benefits, of course the elimination of toxic substances through sweating and skin after absorption via, that time chocolate therapy and fur Metro will absorb up 40 grams mineralized water by osmosis.

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