type thermal cures diabetes 3, known as Alzheimer

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Although widespread professional concepts refer to that Alzheimer's has no cure, Holders are showing results where you can reverse such alteration health, then enter thermal cures diabetes type 3, known as Alzheimer

It is very unfortunate that in a severe increase in Alzheimer, It is seen as the affected patient deteriorates rapidly and close relatives of traumatizing the ultimate expression, but also it has been determined that the patient's caregiver may die first affected because of the complicated patient management.

It is of utmost urgency that science make a stop along the way and try the contribution of bicarbonate, football, sodium and magnesium in the first order, as are basic elements to reduce the acidity of the internal environment, alkalisation and prevent and / or reduce damage conspicuously, testable to achieve de-acidification of the blood, lower your blood sugar, so that it can flow more effectively and nourish the central nervous system cell thus avoiding severe damage to the affected patient an integral.

However, If consumption is reduced bread, gluten and sugar as the basis of conversion in a thick blood and acidic wash as condensed milk that limits blood circulation, achieving nutrition and oxygenation of vital organs and how the brain system, we will see positive effects that have not seen or dreamed of in the history of humanity and science.

When we change the osmolarity of blood, We neutralize acidity and alkalize the internal environment, we are facilitating the work of the pancreas, We facilitate the extraction of sugar from the circulatory system to carry the intracellular system where it is converted into energy, organic base operation.

type thermal cures diabetes 3

Because without a good energy level biological processes in the body are affected in the highest degree, also in a good and efficient blood circulation integral oxygenation it is most effective reducing damage of any kind and in particular on the neurological system, which will operate for which it was designed.

He Natural Mineral Water San Vicente Santa Rosa de Cabal - Colombia, It provides us living minerals, ionic, bioavailable immediate absorption with which we observed positive effects in this specific case and altering many more health.

You have your food be your medicine and your medicine your food, Hippocrates father of medicine.

Lisbo Justo Serna Betancourt
San Vicente Thermal Reserve

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