Thermal Treatment in Hypertension with the intake of Natural Mineral Water – 2ª parte


Despite insisting over and over again that we do monitor groups of patients in any health impairment, especially hypertension, He not yet heard no voice and has not been observed will to implement it, It is a rather glaring fault in a country where the volume of hypertensive patients is quite significant.

Intake natural mineral water diuresis and drag allows us to wash without pause or truce improvement in this condition health, that should have been verified by the health authorities and encouraged by government authorities who are beneficiaries in second line after patients.

As economies in assistance through the Sisben are considerable, something else is to refuse to implement it and other more different still do not have the means to verify the positive results are not made to wait.

A patient who starts in this dangerous deterioration in health is a patient who comes into chronic stress once, Stress kills and, Besides, accelerates the damage caused by the imbalance of blood pressure.

We have proven excellent results in voltage regulation but more important is the process of regulating the operation of the kidney is the organ responsible for maintaining blood flow not only with sodium levels balanced, but regulates creatinine, protein boom and the level of potassium among other controls the kidney should Regular fully.

Otherwise we see a lack of control in the raising and lowering of the minerals that are essential in blends perfectly balanced.

Between health professionals a clear awareness of the damage that the patient receives when he formulated a diuretic to lower sodium levels in the body, but since they have not had the opportunity to access the science of thermal medical hydrology and also are bombarded with information vendors trained to ensure that the health professional is convinced of the effectiveness of what is offered.

That's where the same health professional in an effort to provide the patient the opportunity for improvement, prescribes the promoted product if it is true allows you to undo the damage, the fact remains that ends up being more harmful than the disease remedy, as stated in the popular adage.

You have your food be your medicine and your medicine your food, Hippocrates father of medicine.


Lisbo Justo Serna Betancourt
San Vicente Thermal Reserve

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