It is accounted for under the public health statistics a 30% adults and older adults with hypertension, Teenagers also appear with decompensated tension; there hypertension thermal cures are necessary with the intake of natural mineral water.

There is something very disturbing about the matter, the fact that the patient who would detect a slight unevenness in tension will mostly prescribe conventional treatments, Among the recommendations is eating unsalted.

according to research, in which I believe, decompensates when the kidney is not possible to obtain normal operation of blood pressure, it is the kidney that controls blood pressure and not work properly is not possible to achieve the goal blood pressure does not suffer uneven.

Kidney monitors levels of minerals that enter it, the filter and excrete surplus through urine, however when it detects missing as sodium work has sought in every corner of the body to carry the circulatory system of the required quantities.

previously due to collect water from all centers where to take them to find circulatory system, to retain water and maintain constant and efficient circulation, sodium fact required to retain, So what happens when you eat without salt.

If the body does not have sufficient levels of sodium and water free of chemical treatments, you can not make the redistribution of nutrients to organs.

It should be borne in mind that the intracellular system requires certain levels of mineral nutrients in certain doses, so it is with the extracellular system, there different levels of other minerals are required.

Thermal cures hypertension with intake of natural mineral water

Depending on the proper mixture in each compartment of the body, also it depends on the normal organ function, otherwise we can only observe the tragic situation widely known, million patients without health and the particular case of hypertension a sum of patients very unfortunate.

As I have tried intake of Natural Mineral Water San Vicente, DIVINE PROVIDENCE gift, I can not nor should spare no means to inform and share the results so that more people can benefit by improving their health.

You have your food be your medicine and your medicine your food, Hippocrates father of medicine.


Lisbo Justo Serna B.


San Vicente Thermal Reserve

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