emotional support for patients early childhood

Joyfully celebrate the fact that there are new paradigms aimed at generating positive changes in early childhood patients who are hospitalized.

It is perhaps significant breakthrough proving most effective means other can yield better results in children subject to be in a hospital, as it has been widely known since memorable times but without the desired effect and required.

Surely later they may implement ways ideal for that early childhood prevention, which remains a breeding ground for the usual damage to your health and can be prevented with unimaginable profits.

Not only in reducing the high costs of hospitalization of patients early childhood, but the delay in the development of the infant to be prepared from the beginning of pregnancy, breastfeeding and growth.

Here it is worth reminding read the book: Natural Mineral Water in Early Childhood.

However, other moms in the wonderful stage of gestation orient them to participate in a thermal cure accompanied by a mountain cure and passage of a drinking cures, because the battle will be won both the mother and the baby.

Avoid at all costs the collateral damage suffered by the baby with the lack of maternal health, It is planning short, medium and long-term health screening.

As we indicated Pediatrics Unit and Research Unit Water and Health of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

I have to show the scientific world and the world patient positive outcomes and maternal health, how, health in early childhood.

That when someone is available to verify the results, will the whole world that will take action to implement these simple practices that produce natural health and wellness.

Hydrotherapy for children

In San Vicente Thermal Reserve They can check with pregnant or lactating mothers and babies, the high degree of satisfaction.

Which they express in his face full of joy and enthusiasm when they enter the hot springs or thermal pools or steam cabins, to be able to enjoy a healthy and relaxing I never dreamed.

Just listen to children only 4 years have asked their parents to bring them to celebrate her birthday to San Vicente in Santa Rosa de Cabal - Eje Cafetero - Colombia.

I therefore invite all consideration and respect for health professionals who live and contemplate on their own.

Lisbo Justo Serna B.
San Vicente Thermal Reserve

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