Thermal cures in Renal Failure

Given that the kidneys control blood pressure and the 30% Colombians are affected in their blood pressure due to the lack of control of the tasks of the kidneys, It becomes more urgent that the benefits that patients have with the intake of natural mineral water are known.

If we observe that the 50% hypertensive are already taking diuretics that aim sodium removal body, generating further dehydration and certainly facilitating plugging of filters them to concentrate urine and reduce the level of water in the body, whereby sediments and toxins that affect human health severely diluted.

It is to understand and analyze the first practice that tell a person which is detected elevated tension, is eaten without salt, regardless sodium is essential in every biological process of the body; we can deduce that we are on the wrong path and forgive health professionals because they know for certain damages that occur in a patient when it lacks sufficient nutrients including sodium.

The task of the sodium-potassium pump is producing enough power to maintain the electrical activity in the body demand levels, another situation arises when we take the body supply sodium, is simply cut a mechanical-organic process occurs only with adequate levels of these minerals.

I have discussed with professionals and gerontologists are really aware of the damage that generates intake of diuretics in patients, however they say it is what's on the market, statement that is true as regards drug, what is not true is that all there is to give solution to the thousands of patients who are affected in their kidneys, If you have this we add the fact that each drug affects kidney function, and how antibiotics, we must generate greater conflict health concern that affects a large number of the population.


Patients with evidence

I do not tire of insisting on the matter, and certainly in the varied health disorders in which I have enough evidence to patients in the flesh, it's the least you can do to serve humanity unaware of new paradigms valid, effective without collateral damage to natural mineral water.

"Make your food be your medicine and your medicine your food", Hippocrates father of medicine. Presidente ACTH, First Vice President SITH, M, OMTH, Director Alah.

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