thermal cures in malnutrition with Natural Mineral Water intake San Vicente

Reserva Termal San Vicente

Do not stop the fateful news announcing the death of children from malnutrition, without leave aside the rest of the population lacks sufficient nutrient pollution free to provide good health, therefore thermal treatments are necessary Nutrition Natural mineral water.

This and many other reasons I commit every day to insist, persist and not give a position on the matter, course with concrete foundations and forms of test, and lend a deaf ear to such emerging need to answer for nutrition is the basis of the health of any human being and how early childhood.

I have referred many times to the book The natural mineral water in childhood, work of the Pediatric Unit and Research Unit Water and Health of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, this book is authorized download it online precisely because of the importance it represents for the health and welfare of infants.

It is worth reminding those responsible for the health of the Colombian people that research is not a privilege of few and far unless prohibited unsuspecting mortals like me.

The concrete bases that have to stay in this task, They give me security and authority to propose as I have been doing for more than two decades ago to anyone who wants to track groups and witnesses in the case in children from early childhood, which by law they have priority in their health care, Clearly, we must also recognize that laws are full, but equally to the violation thereof.

Media disclose nutrition problems in the country

Permanent reports in different media are heard daily, give us clear illustration of the everyday disaster in terms of child malnutrition is concerned, If we look at how to increase the misnamed diseases in early childhood and in the adolescent population, adults and seniors can conclude they are looking for the drowned upstream, while downstream will find it faster.

We are what we eat and it is known that in the daily diet not manage to meet the food needs required, and more reason to have put a lot of weight to the entire population aware of the great opportunity to supplement nutrition with 27 It is containing nutrients natural mineral water mineromedicinal of San Vicente Thermal Reserve in Santa Rosa de Cabal - Risaralda - Colombia.

You have your food be your medicine and your medicine your food, Hippocrates father of medicine.

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