Thermal cures in Psoriasis

Observe the high number of patients with psoriasis, round figure 125 millions of people in the world, It raises concerns given the negative effect on the psyche and physical damage this complex disease brings to the sufferer.

Recently, in various media, there have been several references to the need to observe new paradigms that really allow the patient get strong improvements Health, instead of passing cures to keep the damage controlled.

As usual, I must warn, that while these thousands of patients are living with such difficulty, I have been demonstrated in severe cases, even with people evicted, such positive transformations that have long had to be taken into account scientific level to reach a majority of the population.

The case of Sister Ligia

More than 10 years, religious, Sister Ligia Restrepo, professor of the College of the Discalced Sisters of St. Francis de Sales Medellin, He came with his elbows, instep knees and raw. In five days of practicarle thermal therapies consabidas, including the application of thermal mud with an alkaline pH and divalent sulfur content excellent, considerable skin regeneration was achieved.

Feeling confident, Sister Ligia called the school principal to express that he was already able to work again. But given that the medical diagnosis indicated that there was no cure and religious must live with the damage to your skin, the Superior told her to stay there until our Thermal Reserve when she came to verify the facts.

It happened like that,
when Sister Jaqueline arrived in San Vicente, comenzó a mirar las
fotografías de las partes afectadas y las contrastó con lo que estaba
observando. Corroboró por si misma que la piel ya se había restablecido en gran

La rectora le ordenó
a la paciente quedarse unos días más para reforzar el proceso. La hermana Ligia
permaneció en nuestra Reserva por espacio de 28 días en los que hizo las veces
de vendedora, guía y hasta ayudante de cocina mientras aprovechaba el regalo de

This case had already published, but I bring it up to the exaggerated increase in patients with psoriasis. Like this, They have been several success stories, unfortunately without being able to get the interest by those whose responsibility is to ensure the health of millions of users who crave enjoy wellness.

"You have your food be your medicine and your medicine your food" Hippocrates, father of medicine.

Lisbo Justo Serna B. 
San Vicente Thermal Reserve

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