Mental health spa treatments Part 1


Dr. Uriel Escobar reading in his recent columns on the mental health, I feel a joy and enthusiasm incalculable, for it is precisely what the world should know, know and experience in your own being.

The doctor Escobar, says in his writings that the government since 2016 He implemented a new policy for the comprehensive treatment of human beings, understanding that we are one unit, since in healthy body healthy mind.

This premise is one of the achievements we have accomplished for mankind in San Vicente Thermal Reserve Santa Rosa de Cabal - Colombia, because we have the grace to find everything hunky-dory to heal body, mind and spirit in humans, because every day the high degree of environmental pollution, visual and auditory inter, greatly increases.

For several years we have been sharing with people advances in research and verification of results in the most diverse areas of health, but special and decisively in the main area affected human: Mental health.

Able to tell the patient and scientific world from a day in this thermal reserve, the person finds relief, tranquility and serenity that for many years had not had the opportunity to enjoy, much less dream that there could be a place with everything hunky-dory to provide the human quality of life you deserve and crave.

Spa treatments and Mountain

The countless attractions and all designed by nature to give quality of life to humanity and suffering overwhelmed, only they are achieved in such a wide range in our Thermal Reserve San Vicente.

They highlight and demonstrate the lucky visitors who have the opportunity to take advantage, giving this great gift to come and enjoy one or more days in this heavenly place well, the whole group of collaborators ones feel and live with visiting every minute, every hour and every day happy stay in an exotic place that has everything.

Bicarbonatadas the hot and hot springs at their maximum exploitation, Children delight, adults and seniors who show through her smile and cheerful face wellness that surely had not dreamed of finding in the decanting of his life.

You have your food be your medicine and your medicine your food, hippocrates, father of medicine.

Lisbo Justo Serna B.
San Vicente Thermal Reserve

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