It is very nice to see the large number of people who have started doing sports this year, but an alert is activated about its correct hydration.

The power to enjoy in Risaralda a great rural area, with a large number of trails, it has allowed cycling to be one of the fastest growing in recent months.

It is no secret to anyone that sport is a great help for health; physical exercise activates blood circulation, generating greater irrigation in the body, benefiting the brain by delaying different types of cognitive damage.

Even so, the great lack of knowledge about The importance of hydration what the body should have when doing sports.

It should be taken into account that this aspect is fundamental at the moment in which the body is being subjected to overheating, which generates sweating and evaporation, activating the loss of mineral salts.

The Mineral salts They can be purchased with a fuel essential for the normal functioning of the body.

It is unfortunate to observe how a large number of people who play sports or work in high temperatures, they believe that ingesting water that is barely drinkable will be able to replace the large amount of mineral salts they have lost.

For this reason, it is urgent that athletes learn about the importance of not ingesting treated water lacking in electrolytes as much as possible., or energy drinks, since these generate more harm than well-being.

When using liquids that are low in trace elements and mineral salts, dehydration can occur, since instead of nourishing the body it is causing the elimination of the few nutrients that are conserved, leaving a possible decompensation of the organism.

What is hydration ?

There is severe confusion in most athletes thinking that refreshing is the same as hydrating.

Hydration only occurs when we provide the body with calcium, sodium, potassium among other electrolytes that allow the body to keep in balance avoiding the damage that can be generated by requiring a greater effort.

There are many cases of instantaneous deaths in athletes, where what happens is that people consume every last reserve of electrolytes.

It should be taken into account that we are talking about an extra work of the homeostatic system which searches all corners of the body for some sodium to save the life of those who are in a high state of dehydration.

Our San Vicente Natural Mineral Water contains the minerals, trace elements and electrolytes necessary to generate the best well-being in your body.


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