Sportsmen and real hydration with Electrolytes

It is very timely theme hydration, even when Olympic competition where the chain is common cramps are available in addition accidents, in the case of having well-hydrated athletes with optimal levels of minerals are less likely to suffer these alterations and immediately afterwards recovery is very effective, quickly and with less disability time.

Fortunately we will have in the days 7, 8 Y 9 November an International Congress on Termalismo Termalismo Colombian capital, Santa Rosa de Cabal - Risaralda - Colombia – América, it will be really a big door, an opportunity that opens the country to give advantage to such immense wealth of thermal waters that spring spontaneously without huge investments to extract, as often happens in countries where more abundant resource development and knowledge of it.

After much sifting something left in the zaranda, popular saying goes, after much stress, persist and never give up on the urgency of providing information concerning Colombian thermal medical hydrology, study of the thermal waters both chocolate therapy, topical, Use as hidropínico, intake, crenotherapy, the use of sludge, began, among many other means of giving application to appeal to prevent extensive damage health every day they are more abundant and certainly regain welfare already lost.

It is unacceptable that in the other century (21) natural mineral can not differentiate between treated water and water, remove from thirst and cool, that at this stage of science and such advance thereof it is created that thirst without electrolytes is to remove or reduce, are minimal details that should know with sufficient amplitude, Do the test and check on their own.

They are advantages in our environment are unknown to the majority of the population and certainly by health professionals who leave me wistfully when people ask me what is the difference between the two water, not all but a large majority, While it is true it is understandable for failing in the country Thermal chair of medical hydrology, the fact remains that natural reason teaches, water of deep origin, organic, viva, It is something quite different from a surface water which otherwise mostly has undergone chemical processes to improve its quality.

No difference at all confuse philosophy with an edge Sofia, or a black ball with a N ... excuse me but my dear readers is that there are sufficient resources where you can find the theme that in terms very short time valid and timely responses are obtained.

If we add what happens to big industry generated with the resource, there if he feels more embarrassed, I was in a certain place in Bogota where a bottle of Evian water worth 15 pesos and San Pelegrino 13 one thousand, and we as Pacheco said her for a lower price than treated water, Surely that may be the reason why prestigious hotels of the city yet set difference, or they surprise their guests with distinguished liquid manna the region also has no equal neither here nor in the world.

well hydrated athletes

Returning to the theme of athletes, It is overwhelming news these Olympic Games and of course it is just normal to hear and see the number of participants in the different areas of sport competition, as undesirable suffer cramps that limit the athlete's performance, undiscounted a cramp is quite painful and disabling the competitor temporarily losing all extensive training, but also limiting their aspirations to win.

When the minerals and how the sodium salts are scarce in the body due to the high demand involving excessive sweating, Moisturizing is lost to retain water and the consequences are already widely known.

"Make your food be your medicine and your medicine your food", Hippocrates father of medicine.

Presidente ACTH, First Vice President SITH, M OMTH, director Alah.

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