Thermal Ignorance

In Colombia there is an exaggerated thermal ignorance, nothing is known about its therapeutic purposes, taking into account that in developed countries they have been used since before Christ.

The most unfortunate thing is that health professionals are mostly those who ignore the importance and need of these waters to treat different types of patients, and I say it with all due respect to all health personnel.

Just search the internet about thermal cures, for a wealth of information on the science of thermalism or the Medical Hydrology Thermal.

Sometimes I feel that I lose my emotional control when verifying how with the intake of our mineral thermal water extracted from the interior of the earth, so many benefits can be provided to the body.

It prevents and cures different health problems that cannot be solved with conventional treatments..

Positive effects

The more we share positive effects of our water with the authorities linked to health issues more people with health problems appear seeking help to improve their quality of life.

It might be considered daring of me to publicly warn that in many cases when people reach a state of conformity with their health problems they reduce the stress and anxiety that this generates..

This is due to the fact of not having to watch the clock so that the time to take the pills to which the patient is condemned to live until the end is not passed..

I say it, I repeat it, I repeat it ad nauseam, I still hope that someone is willing to follow up on what I have published so many times and that we do it as soon as possible so that, having the supports, thousands will benefit from this juice of life that they need it so much

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