Hypoxia, ischemia and lack of oxygen in the blood supply to the brain lead to a deterioration in people's mental health.

In these important moments, the large number of problems in the central nervous system of the population demand adequate solutions to improve their emotional state and mental health., it would be helpful if neurologists and psychiatrists work towards a solution.

It is true that there is a wide range of drugs that help restore normal brain function, It is also true that you cannot substitute the blood supply or the oxygenation of this based on drugs.

For this reason when understanding the importance of taking advantage of hot springs, we will be able to demonstrate the efficiency of the same in this type of cases that generates un deterioration in people's mental health

to a large part of the population.

We understand that health professionals specializing in brain problems have a great interest in achieving effective results in their patients, which are going to get them somehow, but not without first having caused severe collateral damage.

Observe the effect of increased hyperemia (increased blood supply) in ours thermal steam cabins with an alkaline pH you can see the heating of the peripheral and skin sector, generating greater blood flow.

This flow allows blood to reach every part of the body at a higher speed., oxygenating the body on this journey, it can be concluded that this is a natural and effective method for deterioration in mental health.

A water that heals

Another fact of great relevance is to keep in the body, 2.5 liters of San Vicente Natural Mineral Water, our water is, rich in electrolytes, active trace elements, bio-available ionics and immediate absorption, that function as a nutritional base.

It is heard in the vast majority of adults among the 30 Y 70 years, state that they do not drink water, it is true that the body adapts to the lack of water, but we can be clear that the collection account will not wait.

Every day we see how the creator awarded us Colombians with San Vicente Thermal Reserve in Santa Rosa de Cabal where we find everything at hand,

We hope that the whole world is allowed to know this place and therefore its benefits, which thanks to God and our effort, today we can provide humans with the ultimate divine gift for health and well-being.

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