World Diabetes Day – 2ª Parte

San Vicente Reserva Termal

Recently held the World Diabetes Day.

Official figures speak of 3.6 million people diagnosed with this disease and about one million suffers but does not yet have a medical record of it.

Through Natural Mineral Water San Vicente we can achieve a significant reduction in levels of blood sugar, observable in only 50 minutes.

This is something I have been manifesting and checking for several years, It is regrettable that so far this information has not had enough eco.

I am convinced that a high percentage of blind people we have in Colombia, There are approximately one million two hundred thousand, They have been victims of vision loss as a result of diabetes.

In this health problem people with medical conditions are added in the kidneys, hypertension and heart diseases, ailments arising in endless dialysis sessions, infarctions and lower limb amputation.

I should mention that the honorable newly elected congressmen and reappointed by the Risaralda, I offered publicly at an event receive between 10 Y 40 Patients with diabetes and test them when positive effects on reducing blood sugar, but there was no response from the leaders.

I referred to the leaders because they have acquired a responsibility to their constituents and this includes concern for health and wellness issues so neglected in our region.

The mineral water San Vicente is a great alternative that could improve the quality of life of hundreds of people.

The method for verifying the test results is blood glucose 50 minutes before drinking a liter of mineral water. Then you must perform the intake of it in four takes of a quarter liter, every five minutes. An hour after the test should be performed again sugar.

The world had never known an offer of this nature.

We need to legislate Hydrotherapy

The hot springs are irrigated in 25 departments over 320 inventoried fuentes. It is urgent a bill that includes this important issue without suffering in Congress. While the medicinal use of marijuana has been given full attention.

Demonstrate the fathers of the country's precarious responsibility which have a fundamental right as it is health that is enshrined in the Constitution.

When I see every day the news of inattention users feel that anything different is happening with the free offer to test results in diabetes in fifty minutes, which has brought the first affected.

"You have your food be your medicine and your medicine your food" Hippocrates, Father of Medicine.

Lisbo Justo Serna B.
San Vicente Thermal Reserve

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