World Diabetes Day

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Diabetes is a disease that so far we only know its serious consequences and a series of conventional pharmacological treatments used without much success, talking about the World Diabetes Day.

I wonder then, What sense does it determine dates processes sufferers if the physical deterioration always have an inevitable upward trend?

The most serious aspect of the matter is that despite several investigations each year are made in seeking to solve the problem of diabetes, yet truly positive results that give guarantee comfort to the patient are known.

For if it is true that with the limited diet are achieved sustain levels of blood sugar, the fact remains that the person must live with high proportions stress knowing the risks that beset the minute. Loss of kidneys and lower limbs, vision impairment and myocardial, are some of the dangers.

While still considered that only scientists recognized by science and pharmaceutical companies are free to investigate and test results in the cure and treatment of diabetes, inevitably we will see grow in number of patients with this delicate health impairment.

A new paradigm

I still insist then, the positive effects of Natural Mineral Water San Vicente Santa Rosa de Cabal. Its benefits are testable in terms of less than one hour after ingestion of a liter of the same.

Reducing blood sugar it can be verified in four shots every five minutes, Repeat after half an hour. The results will be as ever dreamed.

This mineral water contains bicarbonate which serves to neutralize the acidity of the internal environment, magnesium helps in leveling the body's needs of diabetic patients, calcium and sodium, useful for alkalizing, and a mixture of organic potassium live bioavailable immediate absorption, among other nutrients provided by this liquid manna that has given us the opportunity to show notable improvements without collateral damage.

Lisbo Justo Serna B.
San Vicente Thermal Reserve

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