Dissemination of hot springs

Science of the Hydrotherapy was born in 377 a.C. when Hippocrates, father of medicine, thermal cures instituted at the Baths of Caracalla in Rome. By the time tended to 3.000 people day in various areas of health, this without any scientific support as required today, for dissemination of hot springs.

In Caracalla everything it worked based on evidence that had managed to verify many scholars, which they were documented step by step up to translate them into books that had to wait almost 1.000 years after the invention of printing to be published.

This event allowed many scholars initiate investigations, which today they are still valid and can be used in thermal centers in more developed countries.

It is a reason to feel nostalgic knowing how much of the country has a wealth of hot springs properly investigated, where its therapeutic effects are endorsed by the World Health Organization WHO and the Organization PAHO Pan American Health, where different health disturbances indicate treatable.

Writers Manuel Armijo Valenzuela and Josefina San Martín Bacaicoa, They are authors of books on priests spa and climatic, They are written while they were still serving as professors teaching with an emphasis on medical hydrology thermal at the Complutense University of Madrid.

These two writers are part of a group that has contributed greatly to the art.

Dissemination of hot springs

In April 2001 I was fortunate enough to convince Dr. Josefina with 13 specialists over several European regions, to come over to the World Day of Termalismo.

Similarly I managed since November of the year 2001 until July of the year 2002, where we had an international course with 9 Thermal science specialists, which they covered different areas of knowledge related to the development of hot springs.

In order to generate development in the Hydrotherapy necessary professionals in fields such as medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, hydrology, architecture and gastronomy, among other different specialties that demands development of a thermal source.

Not because the fact insist Free, persist and never give up, in claiming why such indifference of those who are responsible for boosting our country based on the natural resources with which we, by the way, They are plentiful and useful both in the therapeutic part cosmetological, to other forms of industrial uses.

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