For many years I have shared hundreds of articles on thermal cures in humans, however I have omitted what is related to our water in pets or domestic animals.

We have monitored different pets belonging to people who purchase our water, leaving us positive results in different health alterations that they suffer.

Taking into account the importance that pets have in our families, I consider it vitally important to inform you of the positive effects of our Water.

Without a doubt, every day we continue to discover more benefits that in terms of health provides the intake of our mineral water.

Our water comes from an outcrop located in our Thermal Reserve, taking a tour of the interior of the earth, traversing the foothills of the central mountain range of the Colombian Andes.

On the understanding that all living things need water to survive, it only remains to conclude that the active nutritional contents, ionic, Bioavailable and immediately absorbable, they are a gift from Mother Nature.

It should be taken into account that there have not been many cases in which we have been able to verify the results in veterinary medicine,

Saying the above it is also true that in terms of distemper, convulsions, different bacteria, diabetes, Among other alterations in pets, very good results have been achieved.

I invite pet owners and veterinarians to check it out, with very short response times.

Perform the following test with your pets, show them our water bottle, crying, then just show him the bottle and watch the pet's reaction

These animals have a more developed sense of smell and taste, reason why they establish the difference between any treated water and Our natural mineral water.


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