Climate change starts the collection account, every day the threat due to the negative effects produced by this, are at the gates of supposedly developed countries.

Developed countries in terms of technologies and infrastructure, but not in conservation and environmental Protection.

To be able to show the whole world the project that we started ago 27 years, when we cleared a field dedicated to dairy cattle to turn it into a splendid forest and undergrowth.

An ecosystem with the best specifications, that many countries wish they had.

In San Vicente Thermal Reserve we will find a thick grove that waves in the Campo Alegrito River basin, protecting an understory where mosses, lichens and tree ferns of innumerable species adorn our nature reserve.

Our ecosystem works in order to protect the outcrops of thermal water that contribute to the rest and well-being of all our visitors.

Here at San Vicente Thermal Reserve we feel privileged and we love to show the world the natural wealth that is home to hundreds of birds, mammals and insects with the maximum ecological control that provides environmental safety.

Compared to several countries in Europe where vegetation was replaced by luxurious buildings and constructions, This situation generates that in the winter season calls are made to the population to preserve food and prepare for blackouts.

The above situation generates a shortage of energy for hospital care, industries and everything that depends on energy for normal operation, indispensable for daily living and for the economy in general.

This is very alarming news and what is expected as a result is extremely harmful for the world population.

Our responsibility

From the first moment we arrive at the La María farm, now San Vicente Thermal Reserve, We understood Our responsibility to humanity.

We begin the revegetation of each area within our thermal reserve, protecting and preserving even the smallest corner.

We sow Seven Leather Trees, Encenillos, Tree Ferns, Robles, Cedars among others of the many native species of the area, placing San Vicente in the first line in environmental responsibility with our humid cloud forest.

Visitor appreciation, recognition of the work done for the good of humanity, It congratulates us and at the same time generates a greater commitment to continue in the noble task as a legacy for the world in general..

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