The statistics published by DANE are a true reflection of the crisis that our country and the world are experiencing, San Vicente Thermal Reserve opens its doors to be an escape from the daily stress to which they are being taken.

For this reason I make a call to reflect and generate greater awareness about the consequences that remain as a result of the critical situation that a large number of Colombians and foreigners are suffering..

To the extent that the commitment to abide by the biosecurity protocols is greater, surely the effects can be reduced by a large amount.

DANE in its statistics reports that the 20% of the population of our country has had to drastically reduce the way they eat.

Families have had to go from eating three servings, basic, up to date, just two, being even more surprising that you can see families who can only access one ration of food a day.

Consequences of the crisis

The current crisis makes it inevitable that the 40% of the people who are in charge of the home begin to show effects on their mental health, thanks to the prolonged stress to which they are exposed.

This begins to become the cause of different types of damage to the body and without leaving aside their mental health which is getting worse..

For this reason that San Vicente Thermal Reserve is postulated to contribute to the improvement of so many health disorders that grow every day, sharing with you our refuge of peace and well-being.

On different occasions I have published articles related to the improvement of mental health and in a timely manner in relation to stress or depression.

With this crisis it is important for us to remind our compatriots that thermal and mountain cures are of great help to the general population, especially for people with mental health problems.

The power to take advantage of a pristine air, which represents an average of 4.000 negative ions per square centimeter suspended in the air every second is of great help to our respiratory system.

accompanied by the entrance to our thermal steam cabins in mother waters with alkaline pH, ensure the release of the nervous system, increased blood supply, achieving a functional balance of the body

Our commitment

Although it is true that we have been demonstrating these results for a long time, It is also true that nowadays people with conditions in your mental health creates an alert for us where we must place our knowledge in their hands.

For this reason we want to extend the invitation to come as soon as possible and to those who have already had the fortune to enjoy their stay at San Vicente Thermal Reserve, that they return to enjoy the tranquility and well-being of our hot springs.

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