Stress and depression kill

Cascada en San Vicente Reserva Termal

The pathologies that affect the mind and spirit eventually impair the physical state of people. St. Vincent Thermal Reserve – Santa Rosa de Cabal – Risaralda -Colombia, reduce the damage from a day. Try it!

Make this warning is not free, It is the result of two major factors. The first is the study and the second, the possibility that we had, with our dear visitors, to check daily the positive effect of exposure to the special conditions of our waters and natural environment. They, Despite arriving in dire states of stress or depression, They attest a remarkable transformation.

Hundreds of patients give glory to GOD! for finding Thermal Reserve and say that is just what they needed and eagerly sought. So we checked in every interview that we recorded in the morning at breakfast time, when we usually share the joy of sleeping like never in many years.

Without noise, without pollution, no TV, no radio and no things that absorb us in everyday life, so a stay in San Vicente Hotel.

Our visitors are also away from the temptations. The low temperatures encourage the consumption of liquor, whisky y ron, but its intake would make the goal of providing welfare to be lost, therefore we ensure that every being is immersed in a river of tranquility and disconnect from those temptations.

I am sure that the richest sheikh world has not feasted quiet, paz, health and wellness as many humans common are given away to visit the Reserve.  

Make the sum of the wide range of existing funds in San Vicente, analyze them, investigate and test them obtaining important results, It is comforting and commits us to work every day, without pause or truce, for patients and scientists know this wonderful place nestled in the Andes.

I am delighted to be able to provide humanity that yearns vehemently and plenty of anxiety.

Daily, domestic and foreign are fortunate enough to visit. They, with her smile and expressions of thanks, show that we are doing a great work for mankind. Looking at the well to the surface in walkers and bathers, it only remains to thank you for allowing us to serve God!.

Well what ever the philosopher Bertrand Russell said: "While sleeping I dreamed that life was joy, upon awakening I realized that life was service and serving concluded that service was joy "

"You have your food be your medicine and your medicine your food" Hippocrates, father of medicine.

Lisbo Justo Serna B.
San Vicente Thermal Reserve

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