On holiday season visit the most natural hot in Colombia

Nature, Health, wellness, adventure and inner peace: all it gathered in a large living space.

A 2.333 meters above sea level and surrounded by 472 hectares of fog, pristine waterfalls, medicinal plants, freshwater springs, spring from the heart of the earth the hot springs of San Vicente.

The adventure begins in: Axis Cafetero Santa Rosa de Cabal National Capital Thermalism.

The sound of water, singing birds and a colorful panorama between flights of butterflies, exotic flowers and various green trees are the perfect welcome to this sanctuary adventure, health and balance.

Mineral waters await you:

The hot springs revitalize your body through their varying temperatures and the various mineral components serving as a cure for multiple diseases and stimulate blood flow by removing toxins and increasing your breathing capacity, improve your ability to sleep, regenerate skin cells, release enzymes, Revitalize your muscles and give shine to your being. Pool algae with high concentrations of minerals, steam in mother liquor forming natural Turkish, Stimulants filled mud sources of mineral wealth of the thermal area, generating currents natural whirlpools and conventional pools: a gift from Mother Earth for your welfare.



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