True integration between family and friends

Agua dulce San Vicente

Strengthen ties with loved ones is one of the most important aspects of life and San Vicente Thermal Reserve Santa Rosa de Cabal – Risaralda – Colombia, It is the perfect place to achieve fully. Check it out.

I have seen the joy and smiles outputs the bowels of the prefrontal cortex of the brain that initiates alignment when people venture into the mountains, amidst lush trees of the most varied greens, sizes and species, rainforest own fog.

But I do not speak of any forest, This magical place is located in the foothills of the Central Cordillera in the Colombian Andes with varying heights between 2.300 Y 2.500 meters above sea level.

The lucky visitor will encounter an owner of some of the site's special features planet earth.   

Sevisualiza life there and feel for the magnificent oxygenation, product unused fresh air and abundant cold freshwater streams that slide between the forest undergrowth and fully, where noise and pollution disappear and forget.

Vapors thermal steam soaker between revitalizing freshness, own height, announcing the heat from the bottom of the earth's crust, They are delivering for each 33 meters inland, a degree of temperature to percolation water, providing, achieved by deeper immersion Water, greater capacity to dissolve minerals organic living, existing ionic bioavailable immediate absorption into the rocks.

In the case of balneación or topical use of these minerals, they are living natural nutrients, all the benefits of water absorbed transcutaneously enter the body and into the bloodstream to supplement and / or replace the deficiencies in the daily diet accumulate and become the breeding ground of health disorders, misnamed diseases.

Several companies are in these pathologies the means to continue profiting at the renowned health business, without offering real solutions.

It seems that while enjoying unsueño, rejoices, we live truly and fully, the body work at incredible speeds, to recover the lost welfare.

Anguish and sorrows are isolated and forget to reconnect with oneself, amid the exuberant nature that GOD! good and full of love for their children and their creation has given us.

A Divine Gift

With such a beautiful gift, He added the means to investigate each item and need the body and so today, after many years of unconditional surrender to this study, I can tell the ordinary citizen and the scientific world:

Here we are! to share the humanity what it demands and needs zealously: Health, welfare and quality of life, to enjoy the journey through this universe as we deserve.

“You have your food be your medicine and your medicine your food” hippocrates, father of medicine.

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