Thermalism Science or Medical Hydrology Thermal

To refer to the Greeks and Romans, It is simply finding a history of health and wellness through the hot springs, which is still in force and will not stop, Thanks to science or Thermalism Medical Hydrology Thermal.

My conviction on the subject is not free, It has bases and roots, as there would otherwise remain more enthusiastically every day for insisting, persist and never give up hawking, shriek at the top of one's voice, God's gift, represented in the thermal wealth, It is simply a sign of his goodness and love for humanity, excuse me unbelievers.

Every day I remember, with more affection and gratitude to the divine Creator, October of the year 1.994 when Julian Grisales caficultor Santa Rosa de Cabal took me to the La Maria – today San Vicente Thermal Reserve.

great day, when my right index finger introduced it in a geyser and burning and pain of burning they enlightened me, only I managed to thank God raising his eyes to heaven and say: no hot water does, which it is made check is, World silver worth. He was right, its value would be in health and welfare for humanity, at that time I not imagined but today I checked.

He was not wrong, not a day passes without people visiting San Vicente arise Thermal Reserve expressing joy, their enthusiasm and gratitude for having been privileged to get to this heavenly place where health and wellness are the contribution to humanity.

Wellness experiences

In the previous holiday weekend he visited us in the city of Cali, neuropsychologist Eucharist López Zapata, who came in his own words in a state of fatigue and severe stress due to his extensive work with patients each day will arrive with different health disorders.

He was accompanied by his brother, also a clinical psychologist in Medellin, there Thermal Reserve entered into dialogue with a group of faithful tourists who visit Cali for almost two decades, a lawyer, who pays close attention to my health talks, He shared them suitable for use and use of existing funds for health in San Vicente; two days Mrs. Eucharist called me to thank me for the work on behalf of humanity and welfare had achieved.

Thursday wrote me a nice message immediately I shared with the group of collaborators, simply beautiful, but also incriminating, I appreciate heart and faith that our dear colleagues well thank you, because there she refers to the group with cute and sincere praise that makes us feel useful to humanity.


Lisbo Justo Serna B.


San Vicente Thermal Reserve

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