I have spent several years sharing the advantages that our Natural Mineral Water San Vicente found from child malnutrition provides.

Its active components, duly verified as calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, bicarbonates, sulfates, phosphates, among others, are nutrients that make up its organoleptic and nutritional composition.

In the same way I have shared the importance of observing the book “Natural mineral water in childhood”, a research work carried out by the Spanish Association of Pediatrics and its Water and Health research unit.

In this research work, which is over a hundred years old, we can find a diagnosis on how we should protect early childhood from suffering health damage and deaths from malnutrition.

Likewise, I have published many articles on this same public health conflict and I have also expressed the will to facilitate a follow-up to groups of children who lack a low nutritional level.

The ideal that has always been presented is to carry out tests which we are sure that in a large percentage will give us positive effects in terms of extremely short time.


However, in the same way, it is constant to find news of gastrointestinal affections in childhood, for this same reason I invite with all affection and respect the health professionals, especially to pediatricians.

I make the proposal that we try conventional and unconventional treatments in the child population that suffers from these health disorders, observing with which treatment the best results are obtained and in what period of time.

I try to transmit the results that I am able to demonstrate to any health or government authority. Our water It is not a product of the desire to sell, our water is the fruit of cognitive empathy that requires social responsibility.

It is also important in the case of not believing in our natural resources, keep in mind that Panna water exists, packed in the province of Tuscany in Italy, which is certified in the United States as nutritious for children.

As much as they have studied and worked through laboratory recommendations, They have no trouble testing new paradigms with immediate effects and without collateral damage..

I think that in these terms I have referred whenever there is news of alarm against child malnutrition.

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