The thermal centers that have steam cabins in waters with neutral and alkaline pH, have the possibility of a good respiratory cleansing through the nostrils.

The situation the world is going through, where people who are infected with the virus end up with serious sequelae in the lungs, It could be solved by nebulizing at high temperatures with abundant natural mineral salts.

This type of mineral salts can be found in outcrop of thermal water like the ones we have in San Vicente Thermal Reserve.

Every day I see with greater urgency the need to bring to our country the science of thermalism; certainly taking the abundant range of scientific supports that we have at hand thanks to ICT.

Of course, to exploit this resource it is necessary not to settle for existing conventional methods, those that in their great majority are presented as of most importance for the health of humanity,

You must go in search of new opportunities such as those that this natural resource provides us with great detail and that surely amaze more than one person.

How to perform an effective cleaning

An example of this is the importance of heat and mineral salts for respiratory cleansing., taking into account that to get the best out of it, the temperature must be at least 12 minutes in a thermal steam cabin.

This allows the bellows of the lung to dilate, disintegrating cystic fibrosis generated by the virus, eliminating this by a really efficient means.

It is very sad to hear so many people saved from this health damage, which are left with sequelae derived by the virus and not see solutions at hand.

Although we see the interest of health professionals to give them the relief that these patients, that they are not few, they wish with eagerness.

In San Vicente Thermal Reserve we have the privilege of enjoying these thermal resources and how if that were not enough with our natural mineral thermal water of origin as a nutritional supplement that allows to increase the immune capacity.


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