While most polluted rivers, more need to take advantage of the hot springs

The news of the moment is pollution 72 rivers in the world 14 antibiotics, outside the other pollutant loading widely known, therefore the more contaminated rivers, more need is generated seize hot Springs.

these news, they are not new, on exaggerated environmental pollution ends up in creeks and rivers before reaching the sea should cause some concern to humanity that keeps on giving back to reality.

It's time for humanity to be surprised by the high damages in health produces environmental pollution without pause or truce and grave threat to the world.

The need is also in Colombia

In the case of Colombia, country with immense wealth in hot springs, They continue rulers and authorities in general with the greatest apathy against such natural wealth.

When the ancient studies of their living nutrients, bioavailable immediate absorption are serving and whoever is interested in accessing this knowledge to give it the importance it deserves this gift of Divine Providence! by Mother Nature.

While it is true that we already achieving some attention to the permanent message we deliver in each written, every TV program and social networks.

It is also true that it should be the entire population sufficiently informed of what opportunities you have at your hands with hot springs mineromedicinales.

We hope that gradually the national governments, regional and municipal understand that nature has everything to human health and, that detoxification, It is the first requirement to start the contemplation of welfare is in a parlous state to say the least.

Each candidate for elected office if in their region be some natural wealth, should investigate its benefits, the opportunities and the means of its effective use.

Studying the natural resources necessary

Worth to ask the Seine by a documentary that sometime brought from Japan which show that for every natural element, call it what you call, there is an opportunity to make the most of the good of humanity.

Not give rise to continue happening everyday that you see and experience today, that before help to enhance natural resources do what is in their power to hinder at all costs its timely and proper development.

How much it will take to achieve it?, hopefully not too late to see the need to take advantage of hot springs.

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