The best gift for a human being is a stay in San Vicente Thermal Reserve – Santa Rosa de Cabal


The best gift for a human being is a stay in San Vicente Thermal Reserve – Santa Rosa de Cabal, This is confirmed by domestic and foreign visitors who visit us daily.

It is very pleasant to hear comments 99.9% of the lucky ones that are given anytime a ride with investment in health and welfare fully in this paradise.

The only displacement from Santa Rosa de Cabal, Termalismo Colombian capital, up to 2.333 meters above sea level in the Cordillera Central inlaid, delighting with unsurpassed scenery encloses the bermejas smoldering houses with the smell of wood and finished milking milk, listening to the mooing of cows and calves, muladas seeing that carry milk from the other side of the river Campo-Alegre, crossing a deep canyon landscape brings other, between slopes and whitish white flakes trees Yarumo, amidst the greenest diverse and sucking fresh air, so little oxygen and so important to the health and life.

Oxygen that the whole world needs and demands, which he lacked a 9 million people in the world who died for environmental pollution in the year 2015, each 6 deaths one was related to environmental pollution, the same as humans have led, and so much more, treat yourself to a stay in San Vicente Thermal Reserve becomes the maximum investment that any person can be in your life, they recognize visitors who come every day to this paradise.

The best gift for a human being is a stay in San Vicente Thermal Reserve

Enter the Thermal Reserve amid spectacular scenery and feel surrounded by primary and secondary forest where the richest odors expand, accompanied freshness, peace and serenity; from the moment of arrival you feel relief to breathe the fresh air without limitations, pure, without using, likewise sight, the biggest rest to your eyes, the 14.5º, the best micro-climate, mountain priest, where songbirds revel in the varied and exquisite melodies, whose tones are appreciated at its best Lacking noise that disrupts.

The wonderful and exquisite mineral hot springs, in swimming pools and thermal River in the jungle, its various exploitations provide relaxation and happiness that may have abundant experience somewhere in the world.

The contrast heat and cool fresh water bathing every meter of paradise, natural Turkish baths in mother liquor with alkaline pH for detoxification, afiebramiento skin, sweating, elimination of toxic substances, the liquid flowing, natural mineral water, duly proven health, the lodging, the gastronomy, etc.

No truce in its general body maintenance, reserve ya, we hope. Happy and Blessed Christmas.

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