Thermal pools and Turks


Come meet the hot springs or natural thermal pools that make San Vicente Thermal Reserve the of Colombia's natural thermal, a unique wellness experience. Enjoy, relax and take advantage of the benefits that thermal water for your health to return to your everyday life completely renovated.

So you can live a #ExperienciaTermal closer to nature, We guarantee not exceed our capacity load 800 people, in order to enjoy more space in our wetlands, Turkish baths and thermal river.

Humid Zone Home

In the highest part of the reserve you find wet area where visitors and guests enjoy a spectacular magical space between two large mountains.

With the benefit of the hot springs and more space, ideal for relaxation and family fun.

Terma the Algae Pool

With millions of microorganisms all essential for health, wellness and beauty and a scorching temperature, It is recommended for the regeneration of skin cells, preventing premature aging thereof by high range of natural minerals, organic, alive, ionic and bioavailable immediate absorption and especially the bivalent sulfur, solo 5 Geiser meters or outcrop where the mineral water springs in the middle of a unique landscape.

Located at the top of the Reserve income of Tabernacles San Vicente.

Terma or bubble pool

natural pool that has inside more than 50 geysers / outcrops on its soil accompanied by gas emanations that activate blood circulation and provide the most varied temperatures in one terma. Just a meter away, It is one of the natural thermal steam Turkish baths to be enjoyed before entering the crystal sources. Located at the entrance of the Reserve.

Terma or swimming Principal

It was the first built in therm 1995 to start the operation of the Thermal Reserve, It feeds on sprouting geysers and fall mostly into the mirror of water avoiding the loss of natural electrical conductivity and CO2 gases in the water surrendering elements that are an integral part of our lives such as minerals and trace elements.

terms Circular

ideal for children and adults to enjoy the hot springs area, while letting sit embrace heat and minerals naturally incorporated in the water and steam passes smoothly through your body, more than entertainment provides health and wellness, helping to reduce stress to detoxify the body. It is the main wetland.

Terma or the Rock Pool

A rustic thermal pool in between two giant rocks overlooking the river bank Campo Alegrito, a space that lends itself to relaxation in hot springs while enjoying the unique landscape, place to be lulled by the gentle movement of water and the heat of Thermae, while the skin absorbs mineral and oxygen content in water. It is located on the main wet area after the bridge.

Terma or jet pool

Terma for children with thermal water jets, a unique experience where children safely enjoy the benefits of thermal water and steam whilst being entertained with dancing jets and water mirror with shallow. It is located on the main wetland area in front of the rainforest.

Thermal river, unique in its style in Colombia

One of the most sought after attractions of San Vicente Thermal Reserve, RIVER THERMAL only natural hot water tributary of the Coffee Cultural Landscape and Colombia with warm temperature, It is allowing the bather to live a spa experience in the middle of the countryside, accompanied by the chirping of birds and fresh air.

Located next to the camping area, where you can enjoy a moment of well-being using the natural whirlpools that feel with running water that caresses the skin and relaxing sensations in the feet when walking on the sandy bottom of the river, all this immersed in a thick fog rainforest.

Natural Turkish

These steam created on thermal water outcrops, They are an excellent heat and steam enclosure allowing us sweat to cleanse the body of toxins, likewise it serves to clean the respiratory tree and break respiratory allergies inhaling minerals and oxygen vapor.

You can be 14 grams of fat per 12 Income minutes, eliminating up 725 grams of water generating replacement body fluids, also cleans the skin by providing increased blood supply to displace 1,5 liters of blood to the skin area that is noticed instantly in the glow of the epidermis.

Private Guest Area

Two exclusive spas for guests of San Vicente Hotel who enjoy the immense pleasure of relaxing with crystal clear water alkaline pH, bicarbonates highly exciting and temperature in the middle of natural forest, enabling environment to enhance the beauty and softness of the skin.

In the same place is a Turkish bath in mother liquor accelerates the detoxification of the body giving rest to the kidney and eliminating up 725 grams of body fluids to relieve the organic general operation. further, dilates the nerve roots eliminating daily stress generating ion exchanges into the body.

Roman thermal baths or pools

Son 8 Roman baths found inside the Cabañas San Vicente, exclusive for guests, a perfect gift for a romantic evening for two or a relaxing time with family.

We are a Biosecure space by nature

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