According to regulations for the operation of parks (Law 1225 from 2008 Y
resolutions 0958 from 2010, 543 of the 2017 Y 880 from 2017 of the Ministry of Commerce
Industry and Tourism) Law 1209 from 2008 and consistent with security policies
Thermal Reserve San Vicente, shall constitute visitors duty to abide by the
following rules.


Users and visitors acquiring the passport and enter the Thermal Reserve
San Vicente, They accept and undertake responsibly strictly abide by the
recommendations and safety instructions and regulations of the Reserve
San Vicente Thermal, both for personal self-care, family and community, in
Eco Termales San Vicente result S.A. their representatives and managers, I know
exonerated from any liability that may arise from the misuse or the
ignorance that users and visitors make of this rule and policies
of security. The user and visitor is responsible for: damage to the
Thermal Reserve and other users and visitors; their physical integrity, his
goods, when acting negligently, occurs or when it is exposed to a
risk, or when he had the chance to avoid production, either with
negligence or fraud guilt.



1. Parents or guardians are responsible for the care and attention
at all times of minor children 12 years.
2. Respect and ensure respect by the people in charge, the rows, the
circulation zones and load, closures and other restricted areas and
maintain order and composure, even in its path; or while
It produces access to the Thermal Reserve, during use or permanence and
the output of the Reserve and its attractions and other activities
develop in this.
3. Refrain from using attractions or engage in activities that
pose a risk to their personal integrity or his people

cargo, especially, conditions for their size, Health, age, pregnancy,
mental conditions, psychological or physical, always respecting the
instructions, recommendations and restrictions of each site and you
be supplied.
4. Refraining and demand of the people in charge to do the same, from
any activity that endangers their physical integrity, The one of the
other visitors or users.
5. Respect the rules and established policies.
6. Vehicle traffic should be performed at a speed lower than the
10 Km / hr from admission and the journey inside the Reserve respect
traffic rules and priority of pedestrians.


1. Do not eat food, or drinks in the hot springs, Turkish,pools and river
2. Not enter with glasses or any other article of glass or glass areas
Termas, Turkish, swimming pool ( River thermal in and around).
3. Prohibition of the use of the pool by swimmers with visible wounds,
lacerations or skin infections.
4. Run prohibited in public areas, perform nailed or lunging
any way thermal pools and river. Caution is advised on
Because walking areas may be wet and slippery.
5. Banning violent games and races on the perimeter of the pool.
6. Prohibition of entry into the pool to swimmers with chains, necklaces,
Tshirts, or similar elements to the mechanical entrapment.
7. Refrain from entering the path of the reserve and its pools under the
influence of alcohol, psychotropic substances or any other substance
alters behavior and / or alert status. He severely repress a
who carry alcoholic beverages. Both adults and minors
consume liquor will be expelled from the reserve.
8. the income and consumption of food and beverages is forbidden acquired outside
of outlets Thermal Reserve San Vicente.
9. Is forbidden to bring pets to be a nature reserve could
cause an accident with other species.
10. entry is not permitted to restricted areas, administrative areas the
exlusiva circulation zones or permanence
11. No offensive or disruptive behavior are allowed against any
person on the premises Thermal Reserve San Vicente. Users and
visitors by their behavior poses a threat to other users, visitors, employees or themselves, They may be withdrawn from the Reserve
Thermal, if their behavior warrants.
12. It is not allowed entry and use of drones or UAVs (Air Vehicle not
Manned) on or within facilities and areas that are in the
San Vicente Thermal Reserve without prior written authorization.
13. It is forbidden entry, use arms.
14. No campfires or cooking food improvise sites.
15. No hunting is allowed to perform, speak, fishing, throw garbage, change affecting
fences or infrastructure, plant extract, or, fauna.
16. It is forbidden to enter forest areas without prior written permission
of authorized personnel.
17. No Smoking; you can only smoke in areas specifically
established for this purpose.
18. Not enter the reserve alcoholic beverages, food or drinks, containers or
glass objects or glass, short sharp objects and / or stab.
19. Those under 12 years, They must be accompanied by an adult.
Parents or elderly accompanying children under
12 years, will be responsible for their care and attention at all times.
20. allowed not make videos or pictures for commercial purposes.
21. No lewd behavior are allowed within the reserve thermal.
22. utilization is not allowed inside the Thermal Reserve San Vicente
appliances, instruments or other items that produce noise, vibes
shrill sounds or.


1. Get ready to start a tour of a beautiful mountainous landscape, full
unsurpassed scenery and nature on a rural road passable,
that lets you reach San Vicente Thermal Reserve - St.
Rosa de Cabal- Risaralda, approximately 50 minutes if you go on
small car or 40 Campero minutes or van.
2. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for the whole tour.
3. Footwear suitable for wet and Turkish zones that provide adhesion and
protection at all times.
4. Repellent friendly environment.
5. Sunscreen.
6. Comfortable clothes.
7. Photographic camera.
8. Towel.
9. Expedition restrictions for Thermal.
10.• This tour is available for children from 8 years, or greater
120estatura.11 cm. • We suggest that it is not for the elderly or hard of
12.• If you have any difficulty walking or related health problems
with your back, legs or feet, you should take the tour or hike
ecological, since it is of medium difficulty and terrain it is uneven.
13.• Always be in the company of our guides certificates for
Thermal perform Expedition.
14.Showering before entering the pools and thermal river.
15.It is essential to pay attention to temperature and depth marks in
all times.
16.Those who are on medication, pregnant, or possessing an
special status, should consult their doctor about tolerance
temperatures, length of stay or other indications for the use of
hot Springs. People who have been drinking alcohol should not be
use the pools.
17.Submitters contagious skin conditions should not use
the pools.
18.Please follow the instructions of staff in case of emergency. By
Please locate evacuation route.
19.Each individual assumes the risk for any trauma occurred during the
use of facilities.
20. The average ambient temperature is 14 degrees Celsius, Cold weather,
unpolluted atmosphere that lets you clean your
21.No food or liquor are not allowed.
22.performs consistently, at least each 15 O 20 minutes, you showers
cold water for you Equilibres body temperature. Started by
feet and ending in the head, every time you use the hot springs or
Turkish baths.
23.It is important not to be over 2 hours straight inside the baths or
thermal pools, as you can descompensarte, so you must be
going to take cold showers and balance the temperature before
login again.
24.Remember that you visit a nature reserve, please do not throw
garbage on the floor, use our bins.
25.Natural Mineral Water Consume San Vicente, It will help in detoxification
and moisturizing your body. Find it sold in the restaurant or
in Ecotiendas.
26.Do not eat too much liquor to enjoy your trip healthily and not
are you alter your health or blood pressure.
27.Restaurant service is until 11:00 p.m.
28.Read carefully the information you deliver income Reserve
Termal.29.Estarás at least one night away from electrical appliances and everything
daily, get ready to enjoy valuable time near
30.Never use t, sweatshirts or any garment
different swimsuits when you're in the hot springs or pools
thermal, these garments do not allow the removal of heat from the body
and can generate temperature decompensation.
31.Pool service is until 12:00 midnight.
32.Additional services such as therapies and adventure sports should be
scheduled at the reception of the hotel.
33.Remember that minors are the responsibility of parents and
companions, not lose sight and monitors their activities.
34.Be careful in natural Turkish, avoid putting your hands on
outcrops of water within the same, are high temperatures and
you can cause burns.
35.If you have suggestions, you can request our satisfaction survey
the reception of the hotel and make us your comments.
36.Walking cautiously, The floor can be wet or slippery.
37. Women who are pregnant should stay up 15 minutes
in Thermal Water.
38.Hypertensive individuals and / or elderly should not remain
long periods in hot water.
39.If you are in a group without accompaniment of a guide, start by agreeing with
their relatives a meeting point in case one loses its way.
40.Do not walk without the map. Remember that under 12 years, they must be
always accompanied by an adult.
41.For more prevention efforts do, the reserve is not without
danger. Take a good look where you step and not introduced in areas not demarcated
expressly for visitors. The book assumes no responsibility for
accidents that could have prevented yourself.
42.Drive your vehicle with caution. The trails are narrow and can
hit someone. Once you find parking area, leave your car there.
If you choose to go on foot, Beware of vehicles and use footpaths.
43.Avoid running and screaming. The purpose of the visit to the reservation that spend some time
pleasant and not on the contrary cause an accident recklessly.
44.Avoid using tape recorders and radios with high volume.
45.Take care of plants and gardens, They are part of the environment of the animals and make
part of the landscape of the reserve.
46.Do not leave your personal belongings. If you lose something, notify any
employee of booking or at reception.
47.Use a personal garbage bag. You can empty it in numerous
containers arranged in the paths. Do not throw leftovers into rivers.
48.The reserve is not responsible for damages and / or theft within the enclosure.
We recommend not to carry valuables. Taking care of these is its
49.Keep informational and educational notices.
50.If you have any kind of malaise report an employee
book for guidance to medical service. A the same as in case of injury
within the reserve.
Homework, prohibitions and recommendations of visitors to the reserve will
published in income and disclosed in visible places and facilities
Web page, supported by employees and collaborators of the thermal reserve.
Visitors to the thermal reserve shall be liable for damages caused
arising from conduct contrary to the duties, prohibitions and recommendations
imposed by these regulations, When you enter the reserve thermal
accepts the rules established by ECO SAN VICENTE TERMALES S.A. and the
conditions here embodied.

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