Prevention of Genetic Diseases and Orphan

Tratamiento de enfermedades genéticas y huérfanas

Various studies show that DNA depression and stress, They are determining factors for developing diseases that are dormant in many people. This was unveiled at the important Congress of Genetics timely performed Comfamiliar Risaralda.

With each national or international health event held in the region, grant me the reason for work and tests have been consolidated in San Vicente Thermal Reserve Santa Rosa de Cabal - Eje Cafetero - Colombia, regarding various health disorders, with great results in the treatment of chronic nerve disorders without collateral damage without anxiolytic and antidepressant.

Each of the elements and Nature Reserve processes that have tested, we have given the authority and security for patients and scientists tell that this place has a huge wealth that can be exploited in the field of health.

Just simply leave some pride, look that there are other alternatives to the drug and track groups of patients witnesses to validate the positive transformation of those suffering from diseases of all kinds. The results astonish any unwary mortal and especially health professionals and scientists in general.


When you find yourself immersed in a depression or chronic stress, the nerve roots are collected and limit any defense process that the brain can implement to activate the protection mechanisms of the body that is at risk.

Upon entering our mothers steam baths in water with an alkaline pH, people are giving away a series of natural exercises that restore organ function. A great example of this we have what level Central Nervous System, for there to start is given greater hyperemia more blood flow throughout the body, but especially to the brain.

The brain requires maintaining accurate nutrition levels achieve permanent cellular connection, to engage himself in the conversion of some elements that allow them to self-supply their own needs given by design.

serenity, tranquility and peace that permeates San Vicente Thermal Reserve is not found anywhere in the world, fact confirming dozens of visitors every day.

Many who share their experiences in different parts of the world say they can not be compared with health and wellness banquet obtained in our cloud forests, while enjoying the reunion with nature, the pleasure of feeling oxygenation, rest and fullness.

Visit is more than a walk, It is an investment in harmony. Check it!

"You have your food be your medicine and your medicine your food" Hippocrates, father of medicine.

Lisbo Justo Serna B. 
San Vicente Thermal Reserve

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