The first Nutritional Recovery Center will be in Risaralda

It is time for the authorities to observe the nutritional grade Natural Mineral Water mineromedicinal San Vicente Thermal Reserve.

The institutions are responsible for ensuring the health of the population and especially for early childhood, They need to become aware of the great gaps we have in terms of diet. Foods that are consumed daily by most people, They do not have the nutritional components necessary for proper development.

The lands are impoverished. Fertilizers applied to food crops do not meet the requirements for a producer soil of nutrients required by the population and requires zealously.

To discuss child health requires accurate information on current happenings regarding food production, quality and distribution. Depletion of them in a large number of Colombian households is another reason for the high level of malnutrition population today suffers from part, especially vulnerable, our children.

Technical supports

They have conducted several studies on the Natural Mineral Water Source Thermal Reserve San Vicente Santa Rosa de Cabal – Colombia. These analyzes revealed the incredible potential of this liquid manna, substantial improvement in health in different kinds of diseases and ailments.

Research not remain on paper. We have implemented our knowledge, with subsequent monitoring of patients in the flesh. Examples: gestating mothers, lactating and growing children. Everyone, cases where very confident we can tell patients, scientists and health officials, we are able to prove results in nutritional matters since mineral water possess the best specifications.

St. Vincent Thermal Reserve continue verifying outcomes decent nutrition being shown to the world. Our mineral water source contains 27 living organic nutrients bioavailable immediate absorption.

It is ironic that as increasing evidence of the benefits that I speak, also they grow rates of health problems early childhood. Then we need information and solutions reach the entire population through responsible policies.

“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food” hippocrates, father of medicine.

Lisbo Justo Serna B.


San Vicente Reserva Termal




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