Departmental Health Secretariat Cry out for Emotional First Aid

"The more I know the more I love my dog ​​man" popular saying goes.

As more mental health outcomes I see, with their respective testing and demonstration in San Vicente Thermal Reserve, more useful to humanity I consider, for I am heeding the call to serve tirelessly.

Natural areas with which our Reserve are unique. A magical cloud forest filled with fresh air is the best medicine. Its wonderful positive effects in reducing mental impairment, increase our commitment to inform visitors and humanity in general this opportunity, since there is an obvious increase in the population is losing its tranquility and quality of life accelerated by order psychiatric conditions.

There are several factors that accelerate stress and depression, among them: vehicular traffic, noise, pollution, deficiencies in nutrition and all the negative media movement to which we are exposed daily.

Foregoing the lives of most of us is present, which means that we are likely to suffer from one of these diseases and therefore need to be in touch with nature it is vital.

Through time

Reserve initially was not conceived thinking about these health complications and the potential for improvement, but over the years we showed that we have a valuable raw material that gives us the opportunity to help thousands of people.

We have mineral hot springs of the best organoleptic specifications and a prime location in the mountains with unused air, tranquility, serenity and comprehensive peace.

Several studies of thermal medical hydrology today give us security authority and invite scientists and patients to experience for themselves the wonders of which I speak.

We have implemented many suggestions found in abundant research of thermal medical hydrology, whose media leave no doubt. To this we can add your own contribution, product of tireless beneficial interest in finding treatments and make them serve humanity, anxious to get better health and quality of life, today puts us in a place of privilege.

“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food. hippocrates, father of medicine”

Lisbo Justo Serna B. / President / San Vicente Thermal Reserve


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