In the municipality of Santa Rosa de Cabal - Risaralda, among Colombian coffee-, you'll find one of the most natural thermal centers in Colombia, San Vicente Thermal Reserve, a magical place in the middle of the mountains of the Andes, nestled in a lush rain forest with fog outcroppings thermal water and a unique landscape, where you will live a wellness experience with nature.

A Natural Spa

The term SPA comes from the Latin expression "Salutem per aquam" - "Health by water", referring to the different health treatments that can be done with water.

In San Vicente hot springs have alkaline pH, full of beneficial minerals for the body that enter the bloodstream giving the body a lot of benefits from the basics such as stress release to improve our immune capacity.

A company with 26 years dedicated to Hydrotherapy, the care and conservation of natural resources, both water and wildlife, through its various business units: Thermal reserve, Spa, Hotel, restaurant, Thermal Mineral Water and Natural Cosmetics.

In San Vicente Thermal Reserve We have a field 472 hectares of rainforest fog, of which 20 hectares are used for tourism and the remaining hectares left free for the forest can produce pure oxygen, as well as protection of water sources, Flora and fauna, a legacy for humanity.

thus turning on San Vicente nature sanctuary, in which thanks to a process of conservation and revegetation, It has protected the humid cloud forest that houses not only its hot springs but wildlife, Red Deer as, Cusumbo, Danta of Paramo, Sloth, Guagua, Armadillo, Rabbit, Puma, Dog Monte and Tigrillo, among others; Also we are the habitat of more than 160 varieties of birds that nest there.

Are as different plant species as 7 varieties of palms such as Palma de Cera, the fern Tree, orchids, 60 varieties of mosses and lichens, Negro adventure, Bromelia, seven Leathers, cedar Black, I encenillo, Cerezo, Oak, Chanul and Yarumo White, among other endemic species of rain forest fog.

All his land, San Vicente has 250 geyser thermal water from underground sources with different physical chemical compositions in various therapies applicable, of which 15 They are used for bathing, Turkish baths, lodoterapia, medical treatments, spa, dermocosméticos, mineral water bottling plant, among other products and services.

The adventure begins in the Eje Cafetero, right in the municipality of Santa Rosa de Cabal, National Capital Thermalism, in the middle of the beautiful lands of the call Coffee Cultural Landscape PCC - declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

We are located in the Central Cordillera of the Andes a 2.333 msnm a 17 kilometers from Santa Rosa de Cabal in the Potreros path along the road that leads to the Otún Lagoon and the Los Nevados National Natural Park, just 50 minutes from the city of Pereira, with an average temperature of 14 ° Celsius and a rainy humid.

Thermal Reserve in San Vicente our infrastructure and technology have in mind the permanent protection of the ecosystem and the environment; so that we are always in harmony with nature and committed to managing our primary resource quality: Water.

We regard customer as our purpose and why we tend forever provide excellent quality service, based on technical and scientific knowledge, in the proper management and use of water; In addition to safety, respect, kindness, Thermal hygiene and facilities to ensure their maximum comfort.

This is only possible to achieve a good working environment, why we seek to improve the quality of life and training of our people, which is always governed by the principles of service, honesty, responsibility, honesty and spirit of improvement.

As we seek to develop social activities to support the community as our contribution to social development, prioritize our job to head home mothers and ensure responsible marketing using less paper.

Since its inception the decision to offer health and wellness took, why in the thermal reserve is not listening to music or hard liquor sold, to manage to have a wellness day closer NATURE.

We abide by the Sustainability Standard NTS-TS 002:2014, to carry out various programs for protection of the environment (Water, Flora and fauna), among which are:

Risk Management System: constantly monitor the tributaries and land to identify risk points and mitigate emergencies.

Program Biodiversity Protection: we conducted a revegetation process for the forest to recover and allow harboring endemic and endangered species like the tapir, The tigrillo, the Fox, red deer, the bush dog, the Armadillo, The lazy bear, the cusumbo, among others, and more than 160 bird species of which 20 only live in the rain forest of fog surrounding Thermal Reserve, as Fuertes and Lorito Duck Torrente. In addition to plant species such as black anthurium, lichens, orchids and tree ferns. As we use wood from certified forests or recycled trees that fall by natural phenomena.

Prevention of illicit trafficking of wildlife: We spread the program to prevent trafficking of wildlife among our employees and visitors to understand the importance of protecting these species in their own habitat.

Water Management Program: to minimize the environmental impact on water use, take care 450 hectares of rainforest fog that protect the tributaries that cross the Thermal Reserve and carry out a prevention program among visitors and employees to save water. We implement a modern plant Wastewater Treatment and Laguna Facultativa to return this precious liquid to tributaries with a high degree of purity.

Program Energy Management: We carry out a process of conversion to cleaner energy such as using LED lighting and electrical wiring change, and implement natural lighting to avoid excessive energy consumption.

Proper use and handling of chemicals: We carry out a proper process of collection and storage of products that are harmful to the environment in order to transport them certified companies achieving their disposal without risk of environmental contamination. Cleaning system for use biodegradable products to minimize the environmental impact full.

Management and waste management: We develop a recycling program, We maintain collection points and source separation, and we collect the material of our PET bottles of mineral water for reuse in pens and other recycled products.

Program of conservation and dissemination of cultural heritage: we present the importance of the wonders of the Coffee Cultural Landscape, their people, their customs, their villages, traditions and other tourist sites for visitors to help keep them when you visit.

Supporting communities: We work to provide single mothers in the area and Orchid Foundation, support and training in prevention and early sexual sexuality for children and youth school of surrounding villages, in order to improve their quality of life. We hire local products like coffee, ponchos, dairy products, chorizos, among others. We hire our staff legally with all the legal benefits according to the regulations of recruitment, Also we implemented the System of Health and Safety at Work, to ensure the welfare of our employees.

Recruitment and job creation: hired only legally constituted companies whose care programs and environmental protection. We generate employment for the inhabitants of rural areas and around the town of Santa Rosa de Cabal.

Environmental education: we educate our employees and visitors in the care of water sources, protection of nature (Flora and fauna) and we share with you our knowledge in recycling and prevention programs.

Program against CSEC: we have our trained staff in the Prevention of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, and adolescents. We require our visitors the identification documents of minors, If you do not come with their parents they must submit written permission from their guardians to stay in San Vicente Hotel.

Code of conduct

codigo de conducta

Sustainability policy

politica de sostenibilidad


Provide services, products and experiences of Nature Y Welfare through our brands, to meet the needs of Health, Education, Rest and Entertainment for Colombians and foreigners who are committed to the environment and well-being; managing in a way sustainable the SAN VICENTE Nature Reserve helping to reduce environmental impacts on humanity and the planet.

We will achieve this with our people that works with quality, ethics and legality, always open to innovation, through the Service, Honesty, Responsibility and the Spirit of Overcoming; permanently improving business profitability.


Be a Referrer national and international in the use of Water and Nature as a source of Welfare, guaranteeing the environmental sustainability; developing strategic business units in the tourism industry, drinks, gastronomy and wellness; with a BUSINESS GROUP financially strengthened and with recognized brands in improving the Health Y Welfare of people.


The QUALITY we see it as one CULTURE, like our way of doing things; with competent and happy workers, generating products and services that help the well-being of our customers and are friendly to the environment, committed to conservation and innovation.

Everything started in 1994 when he was offered a land of cattle to our founder, Mr. Lisbo B. Justo Serna, who he was found in these lands with a big surprise: underground hot springs; he, thanks to his desire to leave a legacy to humanity, He saw an opportunity to give everyone a legacy of health and wellness.

The farm was cattle and had a trout farm, Don Lisbo when he saw the property envisioned that the future of the property was not livestock or hatchery trout but the use of the hot springs taking care of the natural environment, That was how he made a big bet Hydrotherapy, He sold part of what he had and bought the property on 25 October 1994 to open the doors as the thermal center 5 of January of 1995.

Nobody believed in its infancy in this great project, They said I was crazy because the land is far from the city, but he told them: away from the city closer to nature; when they bought the land, the access road was a trail into disrepair and yet he risked.

I buy 472 hectares of which are used alone 20 hectares for tourism, the others 452 hectares were left as a nature reserve for the protection of water sources, Flora and fauna.

The first thing he did when he acquired the property was to take the cattle, areas that were pastures were left still for which they naturally revegetalizarán, They have passed over 20 years and what were paddocks are already an immense rain forest of fog that produces oxygen for the entire Colombian coffee region.

Thermal Reserve in this process thanks to nature conservation, today you can see tapirs, foxes, cusumbos solos, lazy bears, rabbits, armadillos, among other species of animals and over 160 different species of birds – 20 of them endemic – of the more than 800 for the Department of Risaralda, Also the air we breathe is very clean, we call air unworn to detoxify the lungs.

In recent years it has been possible with the support of Government institutions, the adequacy of the road and own resources is constant maintenance, as well as the investment of more than 600 million pesos so they can easily move all types of vehicles.

In 1.998 They arrived a few Cuban researchers to study the hot springs and took the pleasant surprise that some births had thermal water suitable for human consumption and had many beneficial minerals for the body, That was how the 2.002 the packaging of Natural Mineral Water San Vicente was built.

When you reach the Thermal Reserve we will give you a bottle of mineral water this, water flows at a temperature of 28 degrees Centigrade, warm out of the earth and contains minerals such as iron, potassium, football, sodium, bicarbonate and magnesium, among others, that they are beneficial to improving the health of your body.

The San Vicente Thermal Reserve has 20 hectares of tourism development, where you can enjoy 8 thermal pools of different composition, 3 Turkish baths with thermal steam, a pool of algae, a water mirror with thermal jets, a natural pool of bubbles, an area of ​​private swimming pools for hotel guests and a unique thermal river of its kind in Colombia.

During the tour visitors find vistieres area, bathrooms batteries, rest areas, eco-stores with different products and food, senderos, beautiful landscapes, clean air and nature walks leading to waterfalls of cold water and thermal water geysers.

Its facilities have developed different business units among which stand out San Vicente Hotel with an infrastructure that allows hosting 104 people in multilple accommodation either in cabins, rooms Campground; as well as a restaurant that can serve approximately 900 people per day.

Additional, within its range of value and as part of wellness tourism it offers different services San Vicente Spa with beauty treatments and relaxation, in addition to therapeutic treatments in hot springs.

Also has Adventure activities, como canopy, recall, hiking and bird watching; in addition to the packaging machine Natural Mineral Water San Vicente, for the distribution of mineral water to different cities of the country, domestic consumption in the Thermal Reserve and its marketing outlets and authorized dealers.

The San Vicente Thermal Reserve It is known as the most natural hot springs of Colombia for being huge in a humid cloud forest nestled in one of the arms of the Central Cordillera of South America to 2.333 meters above sea level, area declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site and known as Coffee Cultural Landscape.

There the visitor receives per minute per square centimeter 4 thousand units of pure oxygen unlike 500 positive units (contaminated) the major cities, where the body requires more energy to counter air pollution.

Its average temperature is 14 degrees Celsius, with a richness in mineral hot springs highly bicarbonates considered as a "feast for the body" basis to neutralize the acid and detoxify the body.

San Vicente has 3 geisers thermal water with suitable characteristics to be considered a natural mineral water Mineromedicinal physicochemical, 2 of them with gallery collection, of which the most precious water resources essential for the distribution of Agua Mineral San Vicente is obtained, as a health benefit and welfare of the community at large.

This natural mineral water, It is a nutritional supplement that detoxifies the body and in turn moisturizes and energizes. Its natural composition is the result of type of rocks that make up the aquifer and geological strata which has circulated for years and years soaking of minerals and trace elements that determine their favorable effect of protection for human health.

Its mineral content helps the normal functioning of the body:
Football: It helps to strengthen the skeletal system.
Sodium: Maintains the volume of fluid in the body.
Potassium: It acts as a regulator of water in the body and participate in the heart muscle contraction.
Magnesium: Necessary for proper absorption of calcium and vitamin C.
Iron: avoid anemia.
bicarbonates: Facilitate digestion and help eliminate acidity, neutralizing the pH of acidic foods.
sulfates: They have cleansing properties, anti-toxins and prevents the formation of kidney stones.
phosphates: Essential for memory.
chlorides: Help the liver eliminating toxic and acid-base balance favors the body.

Are the water emerging from underground planet in the crust to a temperature of 5 higher than the surface, bringing ionic minerals, alive, organic and bioavailable immediate absorption.

Usually they found along fault lines where they may leak groundwater heated at a certain depth and then rise in vapor form which condense to reach the surface, forming a hot water geyser.

Exploited in therapeutic uses as bathrooms, irrigations and overheating, the body generate more blood supply vasodilation, to quickly carry nutrients to organs and tissues, to remove metabolic waste collecting, thus improving the body's defenses.

An important feature of the hot springs is that they are ionized. There are 2 types of ions, positive and negative. The positives are irritating, while negative ions relax the body. The hot springs are loaded with negative ions.

In the San Vicente Thermal Reserve, In addition we highly bicarbonate waters that are a feast for the body, you alkaline, retaining all gases, electrical conductivity and a high range of minerals, allowing recommended after performing the steam baths income, (Turks in natural mother liquor with an alkaline pH), capture by osmosis, through pores that are activated and become sponge, until 40 grams mineralized water.

According to its temperature are cold waters and hot springs:
cold waters are less than 20 °C
hypothermal waters are between 20-35 °C
mesothermal waters are between 35-45 °C
hyperthermal waters are between 45-100 °C
supertermales waters are between 100-150 °C
The waters in San Vicente are cataloged between hypothermal, mesotermales and hipertermales, which they are distributed in different parts of the Thermal Reserve, all with different chemistries.

They contain minerals and nutrients alive.
Reduce and improve various health disorders.
Stimulate the defenses, facilitating cell regeneration and skin cleansing.
They act as a painkiller and muscle relaxant.
considerably improve some of the skin diseases such as psoriasis, dermatitis, mushrooms, skin lesions, among others.
Elimination of contractures, severe spasticity (rigidity of lower limbs).
Strengthening the immune system by absorption with capacity up 40 grams mineralized water by osmosis, every hour chocolate therapy. 

Baths in thermal River in the forest understory, They are rich sources of life-giving oxygen throughout the human body and the ultimate in premature aging of the skin.

Oxygen penetrates about one thousand times faster than the same mineral water, passing oxygen into the bloodstream and brain, whole heart and whole organism.

dermatological conditions are improved, acne, psoriasis, fungal diseases of the skin itself. In the locomotor in situ oxygen, disc improves conditions, calcificaciones, osteoporosis, arthritis and osteoarthritis. 

Oxygen reduces free radicals, acting as an antioxidant, reason that improves skin texture, also it revitalize the cellular system for its antioxidant properties that improve tissue nutrition.

Respiratory therapy perform yoga in San Vicente type, with the abundance of negative ions, It is to provide the body with the media playing against them and eliminate any possibility of formation of cancer cells feared.

Because of the height ultraviolet rays accelerate the production of the vitaminized D essential in the bone marrow. The steam in mother liquor with alkaline pH, (natural Turkish each 12 minutes provide the body about 1.000 Benefits, including massive detox, avivación removal of stress and blood circulation). 

Directly, San Vicente has no public transport, but there are two transportation options, the first is to take the service with private drivers different certificates, its value depends on the number of people, to acquire, You can contact us at our reservation center: (6) 333 6157 – 364 5634 – 320 693 3707 – 320 693 37 06.

The second option is using a fixed route we have from Pereira and Santa Rosa de Cabal departing on Wednesdays, Friday, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at 9:00 am, starting from the Sales Information Point located at Avenida Circunvalar No. 15-62 Corner - Pereira; the schedule back from the Thermal Reserve is to 5:00 pm.

For this service is required reserve our customer lines: (6) 333 6157 – 364 5634 – 320 693 3707 – 320 693 37 06.

The San Vicente Thermal Reserve from Pereira is located 35 kilometers from Santa Rosa to 17 kilometers of which 5 km are paved and 12 km are on dirt road in excellent conditions for the transit of all types of small vehicles, motorcycles, buses and trucks.

San Vicente is located 1 hour and 15 minutes from Pereira, from Santa Rosa just 40 minutes.

Thermal Reserve has opened its doors to the general public from 8:00 am. until 12:00 midnight.
Swimming pools: 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.
restaurant: 8:00 am – 11 p.m.

St. Vincent you will find the most beautiful landscapes with approximately 5 waterfalls, three of them with access to the tourist who will make your visit a unique experience.

Remember to request the accompaniment of a guide for the tour with an expert in the field, as well as check availability for some trails are closed if the weather is too rainy.

Children between the 3 Y 10 years to pay child in San Vicente and under 3 under are no charge.

It is not allowed to enter food for safety, avoiding any contamination of the Thermal Reserve, we have restaurant and a varied selection of dishes, and a place where you can enjoy fast food.

It is forbidden to bring pets, for their safety and that of the wild animals living in the nature reserve between Dantas, tigrillos, foxes, pumas, deer and birds, among others, as they could cause an accident.

We are a Biosecure space by nature

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